Free Miami Marlins Browser Theme For 2013

If you consider yourself as obsessed with the game of baseball as some of us here at Marlin Maniac and FanSided MLB are, then you might have some interest in seeing Marlins colors everywhere you look. Some cover their homes in logos, photos, and memorabilia. Some tattoo the Marlins logo, carrying it with them everywhere that they go. Others wear nothing but Marlin colors year round – jerseys that lucky hat they’ve had for years – no matter where they go. Now you can wrap your Internet browser up in team colors as well, completely immersing your browsing experience in Marlins colors………….or any other team that you follow.

Plus, these browser themes are now interactive – keeping you up to date on scores, highlights, and breaking news. They’ll also keep you informed of some season long exclusive promotions straight from MLB, most of which are typically free to enter and participate in. has released new browser themes for the 2013 season for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. All 30 teams are available in one central location and are all downloadable for free! There’s even a standard AL/NL one for those of you who can’t pick just one team.

Here is a look at how the Miami Marlins theme for the Browser looks:

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