Jul 3, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Miami Marlins starting pitcher Ricky Nolasco (47) pitches in the first inning against the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Marlins Way: Ricky Nolasco Makes Another Start

The countdown to a Ricky Nolasco trade is primed to end at any minute. Some even doubted Nolasco would make the start Wednesday. With most of the NL West and a few choice teams closely watching, the Marlins best starter in team history tossed seven two-run innings against the first place Atlanta Braves, leading to Miami’s 31st win. The outing, fair or not, helped out his trade value for the deadline and was a definitive moment—as the outing could be the last for the long-time Marlin.

Nolasco still a Marlin and starting Wednesday | Miami Herald

The Miami Herald confirmed Nolasco’s start, as rumors would only swirl tighter without word on the righty’s team allegiance. As you already know, the start went pretty good for Ricky.

Nolasco takes mound amid rumors | Fish Pond

Same story here, but with a little commentary from Mike Redmond. Did the manager call Ricky:

–          A Class Act

–          A Pro

–          A Team Player

Gonna have to click to find out, you guys.

Marlins sign multiple international players | Sun-Sentinel

With these fresh-caught haul of international signings; one could say the Fish were also busy “overseas.” Cole Harvey lists the signings here:

“The signees are: catchers Luis Tejada (Dominican Republic) and Pablo Garcia (DR); centerfielders Johnny Santo (Panama) and Josue Guzman (DR); shortstops Ermel Pena (DR), Yefry Reyes (DR) and Galvi Lara (DR); and pitcher Roberto Tejada (DR).”

Here at Marlin Maniac:

Down On The Farm Miami Marlins Daily Report: July 2nd

If you’re at all interested in the Miami Marlins, chances are you’re looking towards the future. With guys like Marcell Ozuna and Adeiny Hechavarria becoming major pieces to this Miami team, it would make sense to dig deeper into the Fish’s system. Staff editor Ehsan Kassim has you covered.

MLB Trade Rumors: Miami Marlins “Adjusting” Asking Price On Ricky Nolasco

Negotiations become complicated when your partner knows you’re desperate. The entire NL West knows Miami would love to dump Ricky Nolasco’s “large” contract for a prospect or two at the deadline. When everyone knows, the price could drop. Ehsan keeps up with the overwhelming rumors surrounding Ricky Nolasco.

Will Ricky Nolasco Make Another Start For Miami (Scheduled 7/8/13)

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