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Texas Rangers, Detroit Tigers Trade: Are Rangers out on Stanton?

All of baseball is buzzing tonight with the blockbuster trade between the Texas Rangers and Detroit Tigers. By now you have heard, unless you live under a rock, that the Rangers have traded Ian Kinsler to the Detroit Tigers for Prince Fielder and about 30 million dollars in cash.

The trade makes sense for both teams. The Rangers free up a spot for Jurickson Profar to play everyday, and they get a player who can launch home runs in that hitter’s park in Texas. The Tigers can move Miguel Cabrera to first base and free up some money in the long run.

What I am concerned about is how this trade affects Miami. On the surface, it may not seem like the Marlins would be evenly mildly interested in this turn-of-events, but it is important to remember, that Texas has been mentioned numerous times as a potential suitor for Giancarlo Stanton.

Many people believed that for the Rangers to make a trade for the slugger, that they would need to include Profar in any trade to get him. Now it would seem that Profar will step in at second base as the starter next year. I wouldn’t be so certain of that.

Keep in mind that 3 years ago, Texas signed a massive TV deal that netted them quite a bit of money. There is currently a big name free agent in New York whom, by all accounts, is not getting a lot of love from the Yankees. I would not be surprised to see the Rangers pursue Robinson Cano and sign him to a mega deal. It may not be the 200 million that he is looking for, but it could be a big number.

That would mean that either Profar or Elvis Andrus would be expendable. Profar would certainly net more than Andrus in return, but Profar is probably a better long-term solution than Andrus as the Rangers shortstop.

The St. Louis Cardinals have also been linked to possible trade scenarios involving Profar and the Cardinals pitcher Shelby Miller. If the Marlins are unwilling to part with Stanton, the Rangers may be able to make a deal with the Cards.

If you are one of the fans who were hoping to get Jurickson Profar in a trade for Stanton, all hope my not be lost. Keep an eye on the Cano sweepstakes, because that will determine whether the Rangers will be able to trade Profar, and determine whether or not Stanton stays in a Marlins uniform.

What do you think about the trade? Did the Rangers or the Tigers get the better end of the deal? Would you trade Stanton for Profar and another prospect or two? Let us know in the comments below, and always stay up to date with the latest breaking news from the Marlins by downloading the Fansided app on the right hand side of the page.

Here’s to 2014!

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  • Ivan

    I think the Rangers definitely won this one. like you said the Rangers have a hitter friendly park where fielder can hit many homeruns. the trade was not needed for the tigers beause they had infante at second, who is not as good as Kinsler but is not far behind. plus the rangers just cleared a spot on the field to have their best prospect play everyday. and if they do end up trading Profar and they go after Cano they will have gotten good pitching and a great 2nd baseman.

    • Chris Logel

      Good points Ivan, remember though, Infante is a free agent this year, This all but assures him that he will not be returning to Detroit. I don’t really understand the Tigers thinking on this one. Fielder was a great hitter behind Cabrera, and as we all know, a slugger without protection is a walk machine at best and a strikeout machine at worst.
      The Tigers have a great team and I am not sure why they would make such a significant change to their nucleous, but I certainly trust GM Dave Dombrowski and thing he is one of the best in the game, they will figure it out.

      • Placidin

        The Tigers must believe S. Florida’s own, Nick Castellanos, can step in to Fielder’s spot in the lineup plus they improve infield defense with Miggy back at 1B plus they save about $80M that can now be used to sign Scherzer. With all that being said, I still agree that the Rangers made out better in this one.

        • Ivan

          As i started reading your comment i asked myself, “Doesn’t castellanos play 3rd?” then i remembered that it would be logicical to move cabrera to 1st and Castellanos to 3rd

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