Greatest Moments in Marlins History: #70 Kevin Brown is on Fire

Welcome back to the Greatest Moments in Marlins History. Yesterday we talked about how Jose Fernandez has the Marlins rookie record for ERA in a season, but who has the all-time Marlins ERA record? Well for that we bring you moment 70, and take you back to 1996 and Kevin Brown’s 1.89 ERA!

1996 was a mediocre year for the Marlins, finishing 80-82 and going through 3 managers that season; nevertheless, Kevin was a very bright side to that season. The season didn’t start off that good for Kevin. He would lose 3 of his first 4 games and the other would be a no decision; however as the season went on Kevin’s number’s would improve. He led all the National League pitchers with 3 shut outs. In 32 games he allowed 1 or no runs in 15 of those games! All these numbers would help him have a Marlins record and National League best 1.89 ERA! This gave us a glimpse of what was yet to come the following year in 1997, but that story is for another time.

Let’s keep this rolling tomorrow as we take a look at another Marlins pitching record. Can you figure out which one it will be? Until next time, as always…. Let’s Go Marlins!

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