Marlins Way: Top Prospects in Similar Position as Last Spring?

The Miami Marlins two most highly though of prospects are in a similar situation as their top two prospects were a year ago. Last spring, Jose Fernandez and Christian Yelich were long shots to make the big league roster, despite an invite to big league camp. Fernandez shocked the world by making the team out of camp, Yelich made his debut in July.

This season, Andrew Heaney and Colin Moran are the team’s best prospects. Heaney is a long shot to make the team out of camp, like Fernandez and Yelich, but he is a darkhorse to make a big splash during the spring. Moran on the other hand is in big league camp just for the heck of it. Nothing he does can earn him a spot on the Marlins opening day roster.

While it’s going to be great to see Heaney and Moran join Stanton, Fernandez, and Yelich in the majors in the near future, this spring should be looked as a chance to see what the Marlins future could be.

Miami Marlins 2014 season preview | Call to the Pen

The Miami Marlins were, are and may forever be the brunt of many jokes. First year skipper Mike Redmond wasn’t presented much of a roster for last season and the record reflects that. It didn’t help matters that the team’s main bat in Giancarlo Stanton was only able to play in 116 games (504 PA).

Spring Training 2014: Marlins loosen up facial hair policy | Fishstripes

The Miami Marlins are starting 2014 off with a new twist, as they are loosening their stance on facial hair and allowing a little bit more than in years past.

Salty-Fernandez pairing akin to Carter-Gooden | Marlins News

If it all seems a tad familiar, well, it ought to. The names and coordinates are different, but the scenario is quite similar. The principal parts then were the Mets, Dwight Gooden and Gary Carter. Twenty-nine years later, they are the Marlins, Jose Fernandez and Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Two teams on the ascent, two young right-handers, two big-name veteran catchers — then and now.

What’s in a name? For Saltalamacchia, a record | Marlins News

As they say in the NBA these days, Jarrod Saltalamacchia “has length” — in his name, if not in his legs and arms. The Marlins’ new catcher is 6-foot-4, but what distinguishes him most is, of course, the length — 14 letters — of his surname. It is the longest in big league history and occupies almost all of the shoulder-to-shoulder area on the back of his uniform.

Miami Marlins video/notes: Prospect Grant Dayton making up for lost time | Sun-Sentinel

Dayton, the Marlins’ 11th-round pick out of Auburn in 2010, was set to attend big league spring training last season. He was in the clubhouse one day. Dayton felt elbow discomfort before arriving in Jupiter. He took a week off, but the pain persisted when he resumed throwing.

Platoon wouldn’t bother Jeff Baker; Miami Marlins keeping quiet | Miami Herald

Jeff Baker has the names of his platoon partners over the years etched in memory. The first was Mike Fontenot in 2009 with the Cubs.

Here at Marlin Maniac:

Will Miami Marlins Facial Hair Translate to Wins?

This year, the Marlins are taking a page from the Boston Red Sox playbook. I would like to introduce you to the Marlins new teammate, the Beard. The Beard took on a cult-like element for the Boston Red Sox on the way to their 2013 World Championship, and after signing former Red Sox catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia in the offseason, the Marlins have relaxed their own ban on the facial hair.

Greatest Moment in Marlins History: #40 The First Rookie NLCS MVP

Welcome back to the Greatest Moment in Marlins History. Early I said that even though the Marlins have a short history they have done a lot of baseball firsts. Moment 40 on our list was the first of its kind in the National League. Today we bring Livan Hernandez’s NLCS MVP award, making him the first rookie to ever win an NLCS MVP.

Write for Marlin Maniac: New Season Brings New Opportunity

Pitchers and catchers have reported across Florida and Arizona. Baseball is back. We can all breathe again.

Is A Sophomore Slump Even Possible For Jose Fernandez?

Recently there has been some wondering out loud going on (or on Twitter and the Marlins blogoshpere, anyway) about the possibility of Jose Fernandez going through a sophomore slump.

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