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Should the Marlins trade for Gregorius?

The rumor mill has been full speed ahead today with the revelation that the Arizona Diamondbacks are currently shopping starting shortstop Didi Gregorius in exchange for starting pitching. ESPN New York’s Adam Rubin first had the story. The report implies that the New York Mets would be potential suitors due to their current need at shortstop, but would it make sense for the Miami Marlins to swoop in here and pick up the left-handed hitting Gregorius?

According to Rubin, the D-Backs are attempting to fill the void in their starting rotation that was opened when ace Patrick Corbin suffered a torn UCL earlier this spring. If pitching is what Arizona is looking for, than the Marlins have to be mentioned due to their plethora of young arms. The question is could Gregorius help the Marlins moving forward?

Didi Gregorius is a slick-fielding shortstop with an average bat, very similar to current Marlins shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria. As a matter of fact, the two are pretty redundant with Gregorius offering a bit more power, but Hech’s glove being little better. If I was given the option of having Gregorius or Hechavarria, I would choose Didi, but not by much.

If the rumors are true, than Arizona is looking for a front of the line starter in exchange for Gregorius. That wold likely require Miami to part with Andrew Heaney, which will not happen. For the Marlins to be interested, it would have to be someone like Adam Conley or Brian Flynn. The issue with that is neither one of those two pitchers are ready for the majors, which is what the Diamondbacks are searching for.

Ultimately, I can’t see a trade happening between the two teams. I think Arizona is going to have a hard time getting the premium pitching that they are hoping for. It just wouldn’t make sense for the Marlins to acquire a second shortstop with the same skill set. I searched through the Diamondbacks prospect list hoping someone would jump out at me that they could pursue instead, but no one caught my eye. For these reasons, don’t expect a Marlins trade for Gregorius any time soon.

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  • Barnaby Eli Robles

    Not a beneficial trade for the Marlins unless Adeiny drops off offensively. More likely we trade outfielders or pitchers. We are deep in both categories. Dietrich seems to be the 2B of the future like an Uggla type 2B.

    • Chris Logel

      I don’t know what else Dietrich needs to do to take that job. We know that Loria doesn’t like him and actually prevented him from being called up at one point last year. I am hopeful that he gets an opportunity this year. We could use his power in the lineup.

      • Barnaby Eli Robles

        Dietrich’s demotion was clearly retribution for the untimely resignation of Loria’s hitting coach TinoMartinez. Tino was hired more for his Yankee pedigree than anything else. It’s no secret Loria sleeps with Yankee pajamas on. Now with a broken nose today in spring training who knows where Dietrich will end up when he’s back and healthy.

  • Al-Kendall

    Chafin and Perez for Turner or Kohler would be great! The Marlins need at least one 40-man roster spot.

    • Chris Logel

      Would never happen, Chafin isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.