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Live Game Thread: Rockies vs. Marlins, March 31st (Opening Day)

As we inch closer to the first pitch of the Miami Marlins 2014 season, we want to welcome you to Marlin Maniac’s live thread of today’s game. You have joined a group of the most passionate Marlins’ fans that you will find anywhere. Be sure to head down to the comment section below and join the chat.

We wanted to lay down a couple of ground rules for our live chat’s.

1. No personal attacks: No one is going to agree on everything, that is a given. We ask that you refrain from making anything personal. If we feel you are trolling we will ask you to leave.

2. Please do not post any sites that may be showing the game illegally. If you do, you can expect to be banned and the post to be removed.

3. Have fun! We are all just getting together to watch the game and discuss what we are watching. Feel free to share your opinion and make your comments known. We know that the true Marlins fans are some of the best in baseball (we have to be to be crazy enough to support this team) so join us for this game and games in the future!

Go Fish!

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