Jose Fernandez Wins Co-NL Player of the Week

Complementing the surprisingly good first week for the Marlins, Jose Fernandez was given the co-honor of NL player of the week along with the Rockies Charlie Blackmon. Blackmon received the award due to him leading the National League thus far in the season. Funny since he was completely beat down by Fernandez in the opening game of the season.

Fernandez continued right where he left off from last season, as he dominated the Rockies on Opening Night and then the Padres last Saturday. His ERA for the season right now is 0.75 which is of course is a little exaggerated due to the small sample size. However, it kind of represents the young season so far.

The Marlins are off to a surprisingly good 5-2 start. Now, it’s only been a week into the season and I don’t think anybody actually thinks that much of it and for good reason. The Marlins aren’t known for a being perennial playoff contenders, but at least now there are some pieces to watch. Plus, the team plays hard every night and they are way more fun to watch than last year’s team. For the first time since early 2012, Marlin fans have a little bit of hope this season. That’s way better than last year and that’s all I could ask for.

Could they contend this year?

Well, nobody knows, but with Fernandez pitching lights out and Stanton mashing the ball, anything can happen.

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