Apr 5, 2014; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Marlins starting pitcher Carlos Marmol (49) celebrates defeating the San Diego Padres 5-0 at Marlins Ballpark. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Marlins Way: Are the 2014 Miami Marlins Legitimate?

Are the 2014 Miami Marlins legitimate?

That’s a question that many in the baseball industry tried to figure out as the Marlins enjoyed their first off-day of the 2014 Major League season. We’ll take a look around the internet to see what everyone is saying about the Marlins after their 5-2 start.

Personally, the hot start does not signify a big season for the Marlins. I predicted that the team would win 74 wins before the season, and the hot start likely adds a win or two that total. If the Marlins can sustain this down the road, then this is a topic that we could discuss further down the road.

Numbers game: The 2014 Miami Marlins through seven games compared to 2013 | Sun-Sentinel

One week does not make a season, but the results for the Marlins so far are encouraging. Check out their 2014 statistics through seven games compared to 2013.

The Marlins First Week Juggernaut | Fangraphs

Insert generic disclaimer about sample sizes. Remind audience not to read too much into seven games. Whew. Now that we’re through the disclaimer, let’s reflect on the glory that is one week of baseball.

The 2014 Miami Marlins are real | Fishstripes

The Miami Marlins finished the first week of the 2014 regular season at a staggering 5-2 record, and there is one side of the coin that says this latest Fish group is here to stay competitive.

The 2014 Miami Marlins are not real | Fishstripes

The Miami Marlins have started 5-2 in the first week of the 2014 regular season. There is an argument to say that this week was all a mirage, however.

Break Up the Fish! | Grantland

I take it all back: all the 2012 snarking about the ridiculous uniforms and the science-fiction dystopia stadium; all the 2013 hand-wringing about gutting the team to save the owner, who’s basically Rachel Phelps in Roger Ailes’s body, a few extra bucks as he scammed Miami-Dade County out of hundreds of millions; all the ridicule over batting Placido Polanco cleanup and drawing crowds so small they’d put a bad MLS team out of business.

Fantasy baseball Hitting Report: Marlins off to a hot start | Sports Illustrated

We’re still in the very early parts of the 2014 fantasy baseball season, but the Marlins are suddenly one of the hottest lineups in baseball, causing fantasy owners to seriously look at some of the available players.

Here at Marlin Maniac:

Power Rankings: Week 1

With the baseball season upon us, I am going to start something a little new for the Marlin Maniac site. I feel we have been missing a good weekly power rankings post, and I aim to rectify that situation. We will provide you with our personal rankings and hope that you will let us know if you agree or disagree.

Jose Fernandez Wins Co-NL Player of the Week

Complementing the surprisingly good first week for the Marlins, Jose Fernandez was given the co-honor of NL player of the week along with the Rockies Charlie Blackmon. Blackmon received the award due to him leading the National League thus far in the season. Funny since he was completely beat down by Fernandez in the opening game of the season.

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