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Why the Marlins Should Fire Mike Redmond

I didn’t write this article when I wanted to. I wanted to write it immediately following the Marlins sixth straight defeat, this one an extra inning affair at the hands of the Philadelphia Phillies. I decided to sleep on it. I didn’t want my emotions to be the basis of this rant, and trust me, my anger was off the charts. I don’t know if it was caused by watching yet another home run given up by one of the worst relievers in our bullpen, while our best sat and twiddled his thumbs. I don’t know if it was from yet another game of questionable moves regarding pinch hitters. Or if it stemmed merely from a six game losing streak, throwing away what was such a promising start to the young season.

What I do know is this. Mike Redmond has to go.

The trendy pick for Major League teams is to hire former backstops to manage their clubs. I understand this mindset as catchers are often referred to as managers on the field due to their extensive list of responsibilities. While some have struck gold, like the St. Louis Cardinals with Mike Matheny others, like the Marlins, have not been as fortunate.

Mike Redmond seems like a genuinely good guy. I think the players like him, and I think they respect him. I think his biggest deficiency revolves around in-game decisions.

I don’t want to be an arm-chair manager and second guess decisions, but it isn’t second guessing if I am screaming at the television “What are you doing” while he makes yet another decision to pinch-hit Greg Dobbs in a crucial situation. These are basic decisions that anyone that follows the Marlins should know are going to turn out badly.

When Carlos Marmol is intentionally walking  Anthony Rendon to load the bases and face Jayson Werth late in a ball game with the bases loaded, you are making mistakes as a manager. Everyone watching that game had a good feeling what was coming next.

This call for Redmond to be fired isn’t off the cuff. I enjoy making lists and have done just that, assembling a pro’s and con’s list on whether or not Redmond should stay.

I am having a hard time coming up with the pro’s.

I would agree that there is something to be said for continuity, an area that the Marlins have not had for years. But continuing to stick with a manager who makes horrible in-game decisions just doesn’t make sense. He is horrible at adjustments. For Redmond, a significant adjustment is swapping the second and seventh hitters in a lineup.

We need to find a manager who is willing to think outside of the box. Think Joe Madden, but even further. Could it cost us a game or two? Possibly. Will it give us an identity? Definitely. Right now, I see a team that is waiting to see what new way they are going to lose each night.

The only thing that I know, is that as long as our best pitcher continues to sit in the bullpen while we lose games, I will continue to advocate against this madness. Mike Redmond needs to be able to make the decisions necessary to put the Marlins in the best place to win. If he can’t do that, then he needs to go.

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