Fish Bites


Slow Marlins news day, near as I can tell, but we’ll get to some interesting items in today’s Fish Bites.

– If you hadn’t already heard, the Marlins officially won Sunday’s game against the Yankees! The protest was turned down by Major League Baseball. Thanks, Joe Girardi, for wasting everyone’s time!

– Congratulations to everyone who won stuff in last night’s charity auction. Looks like the extra innings helped push the total higher than last year. Great stuff.

– Juan C. Rodriguez of the Marlins Sun-Sentinel blog revisits the Marlins game last night. Good to see the Fish pull into .500. Also, Rodriguez rightly claims that fixing the bullpen won’t be as easy as moving everyone’s favorite Leo Nunez to closer over Lindstrom. I’ve been saying the last few days that they’re about the same in terms of true performance, and I’m glad to see Rodriguez agrees, even if it took an ugly brief outing by Nunez to convince people.

– Marc Hulet of FanGraphs has the sophomore review train stop by the NL East and discuss the Marlins second-year guys. I absolutely agree with his analysis so far.

– For some sabermetrics heavy-hitting, check out Tom Tango’s post on UZR in the mainstream. The post isn’t much, but particularly interesting is the discussion that occurs afterwards, talking about error in UZR and using single-season data for MVP-type consideration. MGL, the innovator of the stat himself, makes an appearance. Myself, I’d give the single-season some merit, but only in context to a player’s career UZR/150, i.e. a career bad defensive player (-10 or so) gets less worth from a +10 run season than a career +6 run guy.

– Finally, Beyond the Box Score has got some interesting Pitch f/x leaderboards. Of particular interest to us Marlins fans: Ricky Nolasco is posting the highest SLG against this year, and Josh Johnson is posting the lowest. There’s your difference right now.