Fish Bites


Interested in a mid-afternoon snack? Your dish, Fish Bites!

– You didn’t see Jeremy Hermida last night in right field against the Atlanta Braves. That’s because he’s day-to-day with an intercostal strain. That means more Brett Carroll and Cameron Maybin, and based on last night’s results, that’s a good thing.

– August was a good month for Chris Coghlan, and he topped it off by winning the NL Rookie of the Month. Really though, could anyone else have competed? Coghlan had 47 hits in 137 PA, batting .385/.449/.582. He also tacked on 13 extra base hits and 13 walks, two very important things to track for a hitter. This month has launched Coghlan’s chances at the NL Rookie of the Year, which I think is currently lead by either Colorado Rockies outfielder Dexter Fowler or Braves’ starter Tommy Hanson. Should be an interesting fight in September, let’s see who comes out on top.

– Joe Capozzi has more on the aftermath of the Hanley RamirezDan Uggla fiasco. Apparently, Danny loves Hanley like a brother, something Capozzi doesn’t particularly believe. I think it’s a bit sugar-coated, but I don’t also believe that they dislike each other. The fact that Hanley was sitting alone in the dugout during the win two nights back is a little disappointing. Still, if Uggla and the rest of the clubhouse says it’s behind them, I hope it’s behind them. Let’s hope we see more of this after this whole incident blows over.

I know, it’s not a whole lot of love, but it’s more recent. Plus, since Uggla bats decently far away from Hanley in the order nowadays, I can’t nearly as many high-fives or other such things as when Hanley and Danny batted 1-2 in the order.

– The Wall Street Journal figured out the list of chattiest play-by-play guys in baseball, and Rich Waltz comes in at 78.08 words per minute, which appears (without doing the math) to be right around the average, certainly around the median. Makes sense, I think Waltz does a decent job, and Tommy Hutton definitely gets into it easily. They do also discuss things, which means everyone’s involved, evne though I don’t like Tommy as much/

– Anthony Hernandez over at Miami Sports Generation points out that Dan Uggla is the second second baseman to hit 25+ home runs his first four seasons. Uggla’s feat is a great accomplishment, but let’s face it, he’s a league below Chase Utley, and barring some strong post age-30 seasons I doubt either player will make 500 home runs like Anthony says. Still, the feat is not to be downplayed. Anthony, who was the first? Joe Gordon?

– Finally, we have tonight’s game versus the Washington Nationals. We’ll be heading over to Washington for a three-game set before we travel to New York and Cincinnatti. Why is tonight important? Well, currently I’m located in Atlanta, which means I am out of market for the Marlins for the moment, meaning my MLB.TV subscription will actually allow me to watch the game with the guys live. If that’s the case, I’ll be doing a LIVE BLOG tonight of the Marlins-Nats game, so if you’re interested in the game and in Marlin Maniac, join me at 7:05 pm EST for the LIVE BLOG of the game!