Fish Bites


Good morning, Maniac readers! Here’s some Marlins- and saber-related business for you to enjoy over the course of your day.

– Marlins shortstop Hanley Ramirez hit a recent milestone against the Washington Nationals Sunday. He hit his 100th home run and became the fourth-fastest shortstop to 100 homers. Hanley did it in his 595th game, trailing some fairly illustrious names. Congrats, Hanley!

– The LA Times wonders if Dan Uggla would be a good fit for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Truthfully, Danny would be a decent fit anywhere, provided you take into account his defense and pay him accordingly, and that appears to be what Eli Greenspan over at MLB Daily Dish thinks as well. It seems increasingly likely that Uggla will be dealt this season, and Marlins fans can only hope that the Fish get a good return on him. MLB Daily Dish has the Baltimore Orioles, Minnesota Twins, and St. Louis Cardinals as possible places for the Marlins to deal Uggla. He also mentions the possibility of Delmon Young coming over as part of a Twins trade. I sure hope not.

– Joe Capozzi reminds us that Renyel Pinto stunk just as much as Leo Nunez did on Sunday. Obviously, I’m all for ripping Pinto, since he’s just awful most of the time. The loss is just as much his fault as it is Nunez’s, so we should get the blame right. A frustrating day all around for the Marlins and their fans.

– Friend of the blog Juan C. Rodriguez says that the Marlins have a lot of options with Chris Coghlan in 2010. To be fair, Juan, Coghlan doesn’t seem comfortable or instinctive out there in left field yet, and his bat may not be the type that holds up out there, especially if the old BABIP drops to around .330 from the current .356. I think he can hold up in left, bat-wise at least, but staying in left field is killing his value; right now he’s registering at -9.5 runs in left field, which combined with the positional adjustment in the corner outfield spots would strip a lot of Cohglan’s bat value. His home should be in the infield, where he played most of his career, and it may have to be if the Marlins deal Uggla away.

– I’ve got a couple links from The Book blog. First off, MGL gets mad at Joe Sheehan; to be fair, he did say something rather dumb. Second, Tom Tango with his reaction to Justin Upton’s 11-second single. MGL adds that it isn’t fair to get too mad at Upton, because how often are players burned by something like this. Would you rather him run it hard and pull a hammy while he hits a home run? I think there’s a pace that you should take between jogging out the homer and running all out. And I don’t think Upton should have stared at his shot, which probably didn’t help.

– Finally, from Beyond the Box Score, we’ve got two links as well. First off, Jack Moore on the Marlins’ Nick Johnson’s odd season. Then, Tommy Rancel tells us who the real 2009 AL MVP is. Hint: He’s a Yankee, but not the one you’re thinking of, BELIEVE ME.