More Marlins offseason stuff


This time from Joe Capozzi of the Palm Beach Post.

"Expect the Marlins to be busy this winter.The general managers meetings start today in Chicago where the front office will explore options for trading some its 11 arbitration players. Whether any deals get done remains to be seen but the Marlins already made a move last week when RF Jeremy Hermida was traded to Boston.Indications are 2B Dan Uggla will get traded by the winter meetings next month and that RF Cody Ross will be back next year. I’ve heard different ideas about Jorge Cantu, with a 50-50 split on whether he will be back I say he returns but who knows?The Marlins aren’t going to spend a whole lot more, if any, than they spent last year. The team is preparing a multiyear offer for RHP Josh Johnson, but that may be their biggest splash of the winter."

Dan Uggla is a surefire candidate to be traded, he is almost guaranteed to be gone. The news just keeps getting better and better with regards to Cody Ross, who looks like a candidate to stay and someone who is likely to bring surplus value to the team.

If the Marlins fail to trade Jorge Cantu, it would not be bad, but it would not be acceptable given their budget. They would be paying him like a 1.3 WAR player, and he’ll produce like a 1.6 WAR player. That simply is not enough of a premium ($1.2-$1.6M in surplus value) for the team, and it is likely that they could find someone in the free agent market to do that for cheaper.