Fish Bites


Here are your links for this morning.

– So Chris Coghlan won the Rookie of the Year award for the National League, and Greg Stoda of the Palm Beach Post now thinks that the Marlins have a core that should not be underestimated.

– Did you hear about all the stuff Renyel Pinto has passed on legally? He hasn’t paid his agent, he had a court hearing about his driving privileges which he failed to attend, and he won’t respond to reporters on Facebook? Bad character guy (I’m not really kidding). It’s a good thing he also sucks at baseball, because it makes the decision to drop him easier.

– Juan C. Rodriguez found some good news in the Bill James Handbook about Emilio Bonfiacio. I don’t know if it’ll be good enough. He seems to be doing OK in winter ball.

Hundreds of workers were out protesting the new stadium yesterday morning. Construction workers and other laborers were out protesting the fact that the Marlins did not use local labor for the building of the new stadium. However, the Marlins are officially saying, in leaflets to the media, that 59% of the workers are Florida-based. Something isn’t gelling here.

– I used to think that an MLB salary cap would be a good thing, back in the day. Jason Clary, the author of the article, thinks so too. Of course, he fails to mention the fact that many teams benefit from the resources the New York Yankees and other “big-market clubs” provide from revenue sharing. It’s the fault of the small-market owners for not spending that money and pocketing it instead (especially one Jeffrey Loria). And, as R.J. Anderson notes over at FanGraphs, a cap and floor may be doing them a favor. Finally, there’s no guarantee that that system will make poorly-run teams better or big-market teams worse. Lots of flaws in the classic salary cap argument.

– Oh, by the way, Zack Greinke is your AL Cy Young winner. And the best part? He’s numbers guy! Take that, traditionalists!

– Speaking of the Kansas City Royals, Wally Fish of Kings of Kauffman is our new MLB director at FanSided! And of course, he’s got his take on Greinke winning the Cy Young.

– Taylor over at SodoMojo has got some stats to know about Mariners-linked pitchers.

– Fetch over at Twinkie Talk thinks the new shiny infield defense in Minnesota makes Chien Ming Wang a good choice for the Twins.

– Justin at That Balls Outta Here shares his love of the recently released Eric Bruntlett with us all.

– Finally, just one more Greinke thing. How awesome is he, really?