Fish Bites


Quick bites this afternoon, as I’m on a tight schedule. Expect part 2 of John’s hitting prospects series tomorrow, but you probably won’t hear much from me. You’ll also be quite surprised by what John has to say.

– Neil deMause over at Field of Schemes pokes fun at David Samson’s claim that new stadium tickets are going real fast. I am very interested in seeing whether the Marlins will draw after 2012; undoubtedly 2012 will look halfway decent, just like the Pittsburgh Pirates’ crowds after PNC Park opened and the Washington Nationals’ fans showed up after Nationals Park just opened.

– Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports that Larry Beinfest wants the starting staff to step up. Agreed, because if the Marlins remaining three starters at the back end of the rotation post decent seasons, the team has an outside shot at the playoffs. But, if someone doesn’t step up, the team has very few options available as replacements.

– The Marlins are interested in Carlos Delgado or Darin Erstad for the role of veteran left-handed pinch hitter. Delgado apparently wants a lot of money and playing time, but he needs to wise up soon, because no one’s handing first base time in this market.

– The Marlins non-roster invitees list is available. Among the interesting ones, look out for Scott Strickland. I’ve been hearing very good things about him, he might make a bullpen slot.

– John Sickels put up a Prospect Retro on our $38M man, Josh Johnson. Check it out. I was surprised that he was so unassuming in the minors.

– Right Field Bleachers was kind enough to send me his interview with new Marlins reliever Seth McClung. Check it out, McClung seems like a funny guy.

– Since I’m low on time today, I won’t be doing my usual FanSided baseball links (though of course, you should scour around and check out what we had to offer this past week). However I did want to point out this rather random Ricky Nolasco post at SodoMojo. Obviously, the guys are SodoMojo have had their eyes on Ricky for a while, but Beinfest won’t let Jack Z rip him from our hands without some solid returns, right? Right? Please stay away from our pitcher!