Fish Bites


Let’s start today with Fish Bites, shall we? Chow down!

– First off, a couple roster moves of note. After a bad outing on Sunday, Sean West was optioned to Triple-A New Orleans, knocking one guy out of the race for a starting spot. Out of the bullpen mix is former All-Star Derrick Turnbow, who was released today a day after leaving his only outing in Marlins uniform in excruciating pain. Turnbow has had a 20% tear in his rotator cuff since 2007 and, well, it didn’t look like he did too well yesterday with regards to that. All the best to Mr. Turnbow, the Maniac hopes your likely surgery will be successful.

One note to add to that released link from the Sun-Sentinel’s Juan C. Rodriguez: Cameron Maybin will be back in the lineup today testing out that groin pull. Hopefully everything is fine and he’s on his way back to being close to 100%.

– The Marlins coaching staff wants its pitchers to “pound the strike zone.” Money quote:

"If there is one thing that gets under Fredi Gonzalez’s skin, it’s pitchers who don’t throw strikes. Walks, the Marlins manager said Tuesday, “always bother you.”"

Always bothered me too, Fredi. Always bothered me too.

– There’s been a lot of talk recently about former Fish third baseman Mike Lowell coming back to town. Greg Cote likes the idea, but Joe Capozzi says it’s not going to happen. ESPN Boston’s Gordon Edes says scouts don’t have him moving well. That and how much the Boston Red Sox would have to pay for the Marlins to be willing to acquire him assures the Fish won’t be buying.

The new Marlins stadium is taking shape. The roof should be extremely interesting in design.

– Two interviews of note involving yours truly. Recently I answered some fantasy-related questions on the Marlins for Razzball, and here they are. Also, I answered a few questions for Baseball Prospectus Fantasy Beat and Philadelphia Phillies blogger extraordinaire Bill Baer for Crashburn Alley. I’d like to thank both Bill and Grey for having me on, it was enjoyable discussing Marlins with you. By the way, I wholly endorse Crashburn Alley as one of the best Phillies sites in the business. Check out Bill as well on Baseball Daily Digest and BP, of course.

– No links to our FanSided crew today (sorry, a bit busy), but I will say this. The Maniac will be taking on the topic of sabermetrics, putting out the sort of primers and stuff that you see here (mostly) every week on Marlin Maniac, over at the new FanSided general MLB site, Call to the Pen. Joining me is a bountiful cast of characters writing everyday for CttP, including FanSided MLB overlord and Kings of Kauffman’s Wally Fish, That Balls Outta Here’s Justin Klugh, Jays Journal’s Mat Germain, Chicken Friar’s Nathaniel Stoltz, BoSox Injection’s Brian Phair, and Redbird Rant’s Ryne Gery. Each brings a different style and topic to the table, and I hope you guys check them out on a daily basis for the awesome stuff that they’ll be doing.

As for me, I’ll be carrying over Saber-Terms to Call to the Pen. I’ll primarily be dealing with primers, trying to tell the story of how we went from AVG/HR/RBI, Winz, and ERA to linear weights, wOBA, FIP and WAR. It’ll be fun, and I hope you all join me there.