The Tentative Marlin Maniac Regular Season Schedule


As the offseason winds down, we’ll of course be moving into the regular season once more. April is around the corner, and along with it comes Opening Day and all its glory. As such, we here at Marlin Maniac are likely to once again switch gears and start talking about the season and its performances. So I present to you here the tentative schedule that we’ll be following at Marlin Maniac during the regular season.

Series Recaps

What once was called Blogservations is now going to simply be referred to as “Series Recap” until I can find a more clever name for it. Once upon a time, when only 30 people a day visited this site, I did a recap piece once per game. As the season wore on and my schedule thickened, I decided to go with once a series. It didn’t always turn out that way, but I am hoping John and I can come up with enough talking points to discuss each and every series with a little saber slant. This will usually occur the day a series ends or the day after that.

Fish Bites

My weekly link dumps will now become twice weekly when the season starts. Last year, I tried to do Fish Bites three times a week, but I find there’s only a certain amount of news when it comes to the Marlins. As such, I think two times a week is a right amount of time for these links. Of course, they’ll also feature some sabermetric links of interest and a little go-around with the gang of FanSided MLB. Expect these Mondays and Fridays.

This Month in Prospects

John plans on putting out a monthly piece reviewing our minor league system. You can of course expect the typical poignant commentary that John has provided so far in these monthly reviews. Expect these at the end of each month beginning in April. I suspect he’ll come up with a more clever name, but what do I know? I’m not prospect maven.

Live Blogs

Occasionally, you may see me try a live blog if I get a chance to view the game live on television. If it is done, I’ll do it through Cover it Live so that it is easier for readers to interact. We’ll see what I decide to do with this. John may also hop in on this at his discretion. This may also simply be turned into an “Open Thread” sort of thing as well, where readers can comment on the current game as they please. A few of my threads last season turned into this, which I thought was kind of cool.

Note: FanSided will be changing the layout of our sites, including Marlin Maniac, some time in the near future. One of the cool features of the layout change will be the inclusion of a message board for us Maniacs, where such an open thread could be included. I’ll keep you informed.

Live Chats

If enough people show interest, we may even do a live chat for maybe 20 to 30 minutes during a week. If there is a ton of interest in this, we could even make these a weekly thing, where readers can ask a few questions to us and we’ll give our best answers. Do tell me if there’s interest in such a thing.

Revisiting ’03

Revisiting ’03 got derailed unfortunately because I scheduled it on the exact weekday in which I have to work (I taught two days a week at Kaplan this semester, and Thursday was one of them). I plan on continuing the series through the regular season, tentatively scheduled once again for every Thursday. For those of you who were looking forward to the series, I apologize. I’ll try to keep it up.


Analysis will come and go, depending on how John and I feel. We’ll keep track of current Marlins events and try to provide some commentary on everything going on in the Marlins world. In addition, we’ll use whatever resources we have to continue to do the kind of analytic you expect from Marlin Maniac. Expect these every week and almost every weekday, but really this is at our discretion.


I would like to schedule at least 10 posts a week. Since Maniac has been a weekday-only site for the offseason, that comes out to two posts a day, which is what you can expect. Keep in mind that the Series Recaps can come out on weekends as well, depending on when a series ends. We could also do chats and other live stuff at the end of the week if there is interest in them. For now, that’s the schedule in my mind. I’ll keep you informed of any changes as I make them.