Introducing the Florida Marlins Trade Deadline Primer


A few weeks back, during my hiatus, I stuck in a plug for a project I was working on with regards to the Marlins. Today, I’d like to introduce that project to the Marlin Maniac readership: the Florida Marlins Trade Deadline Primer!

About a month back, I was contacted by the guys from TwinsCentric, a group of excellent Minnesota Twins bloggers. They’ve been publishing a few excellent books annually regarding the offseason and trade deadline. This year, they contacted a few of the best team-specific bloggers to help out on their trade deadline primer by contributing what we know about our team for our own primer. TwinsCentric gathered some top names in team-specific blogs, including friends of the Maniac Daniel Moroz (Camden Crazies), Bill Baer (Crashburn Alley), Evan Brunell (Firebrand of the AL), and Peter W. Hjort (Capitol Avenue Club).

The Marlins Trade Deadline Primer is a ten-page e-book available for purchase and download via links which I will be posting when available (it hasn’t come out yet, but you can tell I’m excited). Within those ten pages, you will get exclusive Marlins content, including:

– a recap of the Marlins’ first half through June. What went right, wrong, and everywhere in between?

–  an outlook for the Marlins’ second half, particularly focused on the trade deadline and what the Fish should do

– report cards and commentary on 20 Marlins players who have made a big impact this season, whether it be positive or negative

– a look at a few players the Marlins could be interested in acquiring at the deadline

– an overview at the Marlins’ top prospects

– a discussion on five players the Marlins may deal by the deadline

– and an essay on what the Marlins could lose beyond players by selling at the deadline

All of that information will be packed into ten pages that you can have with you at any time (electronically, that is). But if you’re still confused about what the Trade Deadline Primer will provide, there will be a free download available of a quarter of the book, so you can see what the Marlins Trade Deadline Primer will have to offer. When the book becomes available soon, I’ll have the links to the free quarterbook and the full download and purchase link available for you Maniacs to check out.

I’m very excited to be releasing this, and I hope you Maniacs are excited to see it. Hopefully the information inside will be of interest to all of you. I know I had plenty of fun writing it, and you should enjoy reading it! I’ll keep everyone posted.