Contract Crowdsourcing: Dan Uggla


This offseason, the Marlins are interested in signing Dan Uggla to an extension to keep him in a Marlins uniform at least through the opening of the new stadium. We’ve heard rumors about how much Danny will be making and how long he’ll be in a Fish uniform, but I’d like to see how the readers perform on this. How well do you think the Marlins will Dan Uggla?

Well, there’s an easy way to find out how much Marlins fans think the Fish will fork up for Uggla, and that is to ask them directly, right here at Marlin Maniac! I’m asking you readers to cast your vote on the Contract Crowdsourcing for Uggla’s potential extension. This is something FanGraphs has done for a few free agents in the latter stages of the season, and I’d like to think that the readers here at MM are just as smart as the readers over at FG. So if you have an idea of what you think the Marlins will pay for Dan Uggla, put in your estimates for total number of years for the extension and the average annual value, or average annual salary for Danny. Let’s see how this turns out. Results will be posted and analyzed next week, or whenever I feel like I have enough votes.

UPDATE: I got one vote yesterday that voted for a one-year deal. If you do not think that the Marlins will extend Uggla, but rather that they will tender him a one-year deal as part of their last season of team control, feel free to put a one-year deal in.