The Marlins have “Patience and Power”


This is something that needs to spread, so I am charging Marlin Maniac readers to carry the torch. From Baseball Prospectus’ Ken Funck, on his Marlins “GM for a Day” article (emphasis was my own):

"The loud arrivals of Patience (Logan Morrison) and Power (Mike Stanton) in the outfield corners last year were watershed events. Stanton spent the season growing into a fire-breathing monster, posting a .271/.346/.538 second-half line, and his on-base percentage is certain to rise in his age-21 season as National League pitchers learn to fear his power. Morrison was an on-base machine in half a season, and if he develops a little more power will be an above-average bat in left field."

The rest of the article is mostly defunct thanks to the changes the Fish actually made, but the nicknames for the pair of Logan Morrison and Mike Stanton are awesome. Patience and Power (Power and Patience? Who should go first?) sound like thematically-tied comic book superheroes who are good friends and bust crime together but bicker with each other about their disparaging views on life and how they manage it day-to-day. I’d love for those two to pick up the names as well, so if you have a Twitter account, let them know about the names! Morrison is here and Stanton is here. If you’re not already following them, you should be, because they are the future of our organization and Morrison is hilarious. Get on it Maniacs!

(EDIT: Patience and Power seem to like it! Just don’t call them the PP Boys.)