The Marlins Front Office Confidence Poll


I’ve been meaning to ask the Marlin Maniac’s this question for quite some time, and I figured today would be as good a day as any. While I vigorously study for my med school first semester finals, I have but one question to ask of our fine readers here:

What is your confidence level in the Marlins front office, led by Larry Beinfest and Michael Hill, as compared to what it was at before the 2006 season?

The reason why I frame the question as such is that this set of seasons has been the most intriguing, I feel, in Marlins history. Never have the Marlins been so interesting on a year-to-year basis as they have been since the fire sale of 2006. Once the team gathered the nucleus of the 2006 era together, they had mostly separated themselves from the 2003 World Series team, with only Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis remaining and sure to be on their way out soon as well. Since then, the team has had its ups and downs in terms of personnel moves, and such moves have to have had some effect on the confidence you as Marlins have in the front office’s typically unquestioned wisdom. I would love to hear what you all think.

First, let’s go through a ledger of some of the moves the team has made since the start of the 2006 season:

– Acquired Cody Ross for what amounts to nothing from the Cincinnati Reds

– Signed Wes Helms for the 2006 season, then let him go before 2007

– Signed Aaron Boone to play the honorary “Wes Helms corner infield/pinch-hitter” role

– Traded Cabrera and Willis for multiple players including Cameron Maybin, Andrew Miller, and Burke Badenhop

– Signed Jorge Cantu off the scrap heap

– Traded Mike Jacobs for Leo Nunez

– Traded Gaby Hernandez for Arthur Rhodes (rental)

– Traded Josh Willingham and Scott Olsen for Emilio Bonifacio and Jake Smolinski

– Traded Aaron Thompson for Nick Johnson (rental)

– Did not offer arbitration to Kiko Calero and Johnson after 2009

– Allowed San Francisco Giants to take Ross on waivers

– Traded Dan Uggla for Omar Infante and Mike Dunn

– Signed John Buck to three-year, $18M deal

– Signed Javier Vazquez to one-year, $7M deal

I’m sure there were others, but those seemed like the pertinent ones to mention. What do you think of these and other moves that the Marlins front office has made? Judge these and any other player personnel moves (or non-moves) in any way. Feel free to comment on the comments section here and vote in the poll below. Tell me what you think, and let’s discuss it together!