Unofficial LoMo Day at Marlin Maniac!


I was scouring my favorite team-specific baseball sites to find something to sink my teeth into today, as January is typically one of the slowest baseball months of the year. I stumbled into Crashburn Alley, an excellent Philadelphia Phillies blog run by friend of the Maniac Bill Baer, and saw this post pertaining to one of our favorites, Logan Morrison. Apparently, Logan is a big hit not just with Marlins fans, but with baseball fans in general and especially Phillies fans. In fact, they seem to adore him as much as we do, which is rather strange if you ask me.

Nevertheless, since today was going to be a slow day anyway, why not make the slow day fun? Since everyone loves LoMo so much, let’s make sure he receives our proper attention from Marlins fans. Today I am officially making it the “Unofficial LoMo Day” here at Marlin Maniac! Throughout the day, interspersed between my medical school work, I’ll be posting fun things and some analysis on Morrison, including the following bits:

– The good of Logan Morrison

– The bad of Logan Morrison (call it “bulletin board material” for him)

– Some of the best tweets from Morrison at his account, @LoMoMarlins

We’ll see what else we can get to today. It won’t be the most serious of analysis days, but I figured that every once in a while, even a stat nerd like me could use time to celebrate the players we have. So go out there and celebrate Unofficial LoMo Day at Marlin Maniac! And someone go tell Morrison that we’re having a day devoted just for him on the site!