What’s in store on Marlin Maniac in 2011


As the season comes to a forefront, I just wanted to mention some of the features I’ll be posting here at Marlin Maniac for the upcoming 2011 season. In the 2010 season, I didn’t fully fulfill my obligations that I set for myself before the regular season, and I apologize for doing so. With medical school now in the picture, I am certain it will be difficult for me to get as much awesome Marlins content as I would like to get out, but rest assured that I will be working as hard as possible to get you Maniacs the best Marlins content on the Internet.

Here’s what you can expect from the site this season on Marlin Maniac:

– Once a day on the weekdays, there will be an article of some sort with new, interesting Marlins content involving the numbers, the stats, or sometimes just me ranting away. In any case, you can be assured that five times a week, there will be some sort of new Marlins content, whether it be random thoughts about recent games or full-fledged articles.

– Every Friday evening (Saturday if the Marlins happen to be off on Friday), I’ll be doing a LIVE CHAT for the Marlins game via Cover It Live right here on the site. I hope to start this new tradition this Friday evening for Opening Day, April 1st against the New York Mets. I invite all of you fellow Marlin Maniacs to join me in this attempt to make every Friday evening with the Marlins into a friendly gathering among fellow Maniacs to chat about the game as it progresses. I’ll personally be watching the games on MLB.TV, and I hope you guys can come join me on Cover It Live as we talk about Marlins baseball. I’ll make sure to bring the virtual hot dogs, peanuts, and cracker jacks.

– Before each series, I will make sure to get out a series preview post in line with the ones I did last season. If anyone has any suggestions on how the posts were done last year, I’d be happy to review them. Please, give me your feedback!

– After each series, I will also make sure to get out a Fish Cap recapping the series’s events with a statistical bent. I hope you guys enjoyed the recaps from last season, and I’ll be sure to be more consistent in putting those out for each series, complete with things like Series MVP’s and LVP’s (using WPA) and commentary.

– Twice a week, I’ll be doing link pieces to get the word out about the Marlins and the NL East. Once a week, I’ll host Fish Bites, probably on late Wednesday mornings, in which I will recap the links of relevant, interesting Marlins material from over the past week. There’s a lot of good stuff both from beat writers like Juan C. Rodriguez of the Sun Sentinel and Joe Frisaro of MLB.com and from blogs like Fish Stripes and Marlins Diehards. I’d like to get all of this excellent Marlins content noticed.

– The other links piece that I’ll be getting out will be one regarding the NL East. Some of my better friends in the blogosphere are fans and writers under the banner of other NL East teams, and they pump out some excellent stuff. Hopefully I can point out some of the best stuff of the week that was the NL East every Saturday.

– Since the readers liked it this season (and it was part of what got me trolled on Twitter), I’ll continue doing the Joe Frisaro Snarkbox pieces with my input on Joe Frisaro’s inbox questions.

Those are just some of the things I plan on bringing to Marlin Maniac for the 2011 season. Please, if you have any more requests regarding content, feel free to tell me. It’s just as much a site for you readers as it is for me. Thanks!