Fish Bites: NL East


As I mentioned earlier this week, I’m going to begin linking to various sources in the NL East. Here is the first week’s worth of links from around the Internet regarding the teams of the NL East.

Atlanta Braves

– Bob Horton of Tomahawk Take is asking Braves fans to vote with their hearts and predict the Braves’ win total for 2011.

– Like my optimized batting lineups post from earlier last week, friend of the Maniac Peter Hjort of Capitol Avenue Club puts up his own optimized batting order. It’s better than the lineup Fredi Gonzalez is going to run out there. As Twitterer brocean pointed out:

"@MarlinManiac #6 hitter, Jason Heyward."

Good stuff Fredi.

New York Mets

– Ben Berkon of FanSided’s Rising Apple opens the “Amazin’ Moves” series with a familiar trade: the acquisition of “former Marlin” Mike Piazza.

– Friend of the Maniac Sam Page of Amazin Avenue has his predictions for the NL East. There’s a little bit of homerism there, but I do think there is a possibility the Philadelphia Phillies struggle as much as he has them. No mention of the Marlins though, not a fan of that.

Philadelphia Phillies

– Bill Baer of Crashburn Alley gathered up some of the smartest Phillies bloggers and discussed the biggest storylines and points of the 2011 Phillies season.

– Justin Klugh of That Balls Outta Here gathered some of the most boisterous Phillies bloggers and discussed how much they hate the Mets among other enlightened topics. There’s also a Part 2 to the piece, and they’re both quite awesome.

Washington Nationals

Jayson Werth is batting second this season, and I think it is an excellent thing to behold. As we know from The Book, the second spot in the order is actually one of the three most important lineup slots, and it seems the number crunchers in Washington (along with Werth himself) were able to convince Jim Riggleman to make a positive move. Then again, they are batting Adam LaRoche cleanup.

– Scott Stewart of Teddy Never Wins reviews the trade of Nyjer Morgan. Really I just wanted to see this image again. Take that Morgan!