Fish Bites


I’m getting a bit hungry, so let us feed on some Fish Bites for this week. Here are some Marlins-related links from this week.

– One of the more interesting blogs that, as a Marlins fan, you should be following, is Strip Club with Stanton. Kind of like the Philadelphia Phillies have Zoo with Roy, the man behind SCwS just wants to take a night out and hit the strip joint with Mike Stanton, and who among us would not be interested in such a thing? Anyway, two links of importance this week: SCwS’s Monday morning hangover (complete with proper warnings and funny pictures) over the series with the New York Mets, and a Twitter encounter (a Twittounter?) with a Marlins Mermaid that led to some fishy official business regarding a pretty hot picture of the young lady. Two very good reads that I totally recommend. Final plug, do follow SCwS over at @BoobiesNStanton. I know, just trust me on this.

– In case you’re not reading one of the other top-notch Marlins blogs in the business, go check out Dave of Marlins Diehards and his first off-day guide of the 2011 season. Some cultured stuff, which is important when we spend our non-off days yelling at grown men playing a kids’ sport.

– Dave also informs us over at NBC Miami that Jeffrey Loria is shopping the naming rights for the new Marlins ballpark around. He’s shopped the team’s players around for a while, why not do something that might actually benefit the team, right?

– Dave Cameron of FanGraphs says that, after the horrific start by Javier Vazquez on Sunday, he’d better get the velocity ship righted again or he’ll end up like Scott Kazmir: broken and almost out of a major league job.

– Marlin Maniac reader Ehsan has had a Marlins blog going for a little while now, so we’ll give him the bump here on Fish Bites. Here was his Marlins / Mets review.

– The gang over at FishStripes have put up their Marlins confidence poll. Go vote now!

– If you follow me on Twitter (and you should), you might have read about how I don’t like this guy’s writing on Yahoo, in part because he starts every article with a mention of the Marlins as “a team [he’s] followed since their inception.” Seriously, almost every Marlins article. Anyway, here he is discussing a comparison between Josh Johnson and Walter Johnson. He does a good job of mentioning the different contexts surrounding each player’s stats, but then does not attempt to adjust for said context. Take a look at their respective Baseball-Reference pages and look at their ERA+ for their same-age seasons. Walter outpaced Josh by a lot, though if you simply look at their first six years, the two do look more comparable.