Fish Bites


Good afternoon, fellow Maniacs! Now that Marlins Diehards has joined in on the fun of linking others, I had better get my stuff out in a hurry. Here are the week’s best Marlins-related reads for your viewing pleasure.

Josh Johnson is the National League Pitcher of the Month for April. In other news, the sky is blue.

– Tim Elfrink of the Miami New Times has an in-depth look at why the Marlins’ new stadium deal is filled with lies. I’ve never been a proponent of the new stadium deal and how it swindled Miami-Dade county, especially in light of the news that the Marlins make a good amount of money. This just reaffirms that stance. Nevertheless, it’s happening, and there’s little the county can do other than fork up the dough.

Chris Coghlan may have problems all season with a nagging shoulder injury. Luckily, his shoulder won’t affect him too much in center field for the most part. However, I’d be concerned about things other than his shoulder; his rate of contact is way down and he’s not going to keep this power stroke up for much longer.

– Two links coming from one of MM’s favorite sites, Strip Club With Stanton. First, SCwS implores you to play a fun new Wikipedia game based on Mike Stanton. Second, he asks where you were on this most glorious of days. I was in bed reading coverage of a pro wrestling PPV when I found out about both events of that faithful day.

– In response to this article by SBNation’s Jeff Sullivan on how the Marlins’ hipster-friendliness, Dave over at Marlins Diehards had this response that I cannot fully decipher. Dave, are you deriding Jeff’s humor, or going along with it? I personally found Jeff’s article pretty funny, though I am still a big fan of the Fuck Yeah Hipster meme.

– Bleacher Report’s Tony Capobianco hands out grades for the new Marlins in April. I think he was a little light on his marks, especially for the massively struggling Omar Infante.