Fish Bites


A quick edition of Fish Bites for your late Wednesday morning. Enjoy your Florida Marlins links for the week.

Josh Johnson is on the DL, but he may resume throwing today if all goes according to plan.

– Grant Frisbee of SBNation’s Baseball Nation and of McCovey Chronicles discusses how the Marlins are winning on a budget as usual and what he’d like to see in a Moneyball-style Fishyball book. Yes, he knows it’s a bad title. Yes, I may consider writing such a thing in the future. Someone get me access to Michael Hill!

– Speaking of Grant’s stuff, Craig of Fish Stripes thought what he said about our announcers in his annoyance Power Rankings was not cool. Craig actually likes Rich and Tommy, which I find hard to believe because I can’t stand Tommy Hutton. Can’t. Stand. Him.

– Tyler Kepner of the New York Times’s Bats blog reflects on two injuries via celebration: one by Chris Coghlan, whose recovery has been successful, and one by Kendry Morales, who will miss 2011 with a second ankle operation due to his walk-off celebration.

– Dave over at Marlins Diehards chronicles all of Leo Nunez‘s Alfonseca Saves. As a long-time Marlins fan who remembers the days of Antonio Alfonseca, I know exactly what they’re talking about. From the official Diehards glossary:

"Alfonseca Save (n.): recorded when a pitcher enters the game at the start of an inning in a save situation, allows multiple runners on base and/or gives up runs, but still manages to record a save. Pioneered by the twelve-fingered Antonio Alfonseca, whose tenure with the Marlins (1997-2001) featured many such saves."

And, as Ted later mentions, we’ll take the Alfonseca Save over the Greggorian.

"Greggorian (adj.): referring to a blown save that happens so quickly that the viewer cannot even comprehend what happened. Named after former closer Kevin Gregg."

Classic stuff.

Strip Club with Stanton wrapped up the weekend, but really, the best part about the wrap is the link to this T-shirt regarding Omar Infante. Seriously, SCwS makes the best shirts; support the guy and buy something, will ya? Also, ladies and gentlemen, Omar Infante!