Hanley vs Morrison, this needs to be put to bed


The Florida Marlins have now lost seven in a row on a 10-game home stand. After another loss to the Atlanta Braves at home, the Marlins placed Hanley Ramirez on the DL with a sprained shoulder. After the game, Logan Morrison had this to say about the Marlins struggles.

"“What we don’t have is experience and a veteran who is in the lineup every day that can be an anchor for us. We don’t have it…. He’s not there every game. It’s 162 games. It’s not a 100-game season.”"

Juan C Rodriguez tweeted this story with this comment on Twitter as well.

"JCRMarlinsbeat Juan C. RodriguezFlorida Marlins OF Logan Morrison takes more jabs at DLed Hanley Ramirez http://goo.gl/fb/6MH6x"

Logan Morrison didn’t respond to kindly to hearing about this. Here is what he tweeted to Juan Rodriguez

"LoMoMarlins Logan Morrison@@JCRMarlinsbeat funny how u left the part out about how unfortunate it is that he was hurt and that he could be an anchor if he was healthyLoMoMarlins Logan Morrison@@JCRMarlinsbeat probably wouldn’t have been that good of a story then! Might want to think twice about coming around my locker next time"

Juan Rodriguez would later tweet that everything was patched up.

Fine, Logan Morrison was misquoted last night and called the incorrect reporter out on that. But there’s a greater concern growing for the Marlins now with Logan Morrison. The guys becoming way too outspoken now. Earlier in the season he called out the Marlins owner, Jeffery Loria, for the firing of former Marlins hitting coach John Malee. Logan Morrison also has already called out Hanley Ramirez for being late to meetings earlier this season. At first, this was something Marlins fan enjoyed, Logan Morrison was being outspoken and sticking up for his beliefs. Even though he was misquoted last night, Logan Morrison took the bait and got himself and the team into hot water. Logan Morrison needs to calm himself down and think before he says anything to the media that could hurt the team. It’s said that Hanley is a cancer in the lockerrom, but at what point does Morrison’s lashings of his teammates become over the line?

My other issue with Logan Morrison’s continuous picking on Hanley Ramirez is that, even with his worst season in his 7-year career, Hanley’s numbers this season are about equal to LoMo’s. Here’s a look at them.

"2011 SeasonPAAVGOBPSLGwOBAwRC+WARHanley Ramirez385.243.333.379.318971.2Logan Morrison402.248.326.462.3431141.0"

Add on to the fact that Logan Morrison has been hurt this season as well and has spent time on the DL. In fact, even with Hanley missing the last 7 games, Morrison has still only played one more game then Hanley. There’s no need for LoMo to be taking a shot at Hanley’s durability, as it seemed like he did even after he clarified himself.

Overall, Logan Morrison needs to start backing up his play before he can be someone to call someone else out on their play.