Status Update


Hello Marlin Maniac readers,

I just wanted to give a quick status update on the site and on my own work on it. Over the past two-plus years, I have been covering the Marlins on Marlin Maniac with a passion. That passion has occasionally waned, but it has always been there at a high level, and I like to think that I have put forth my best effort in regards to coverage of the Fish over the past two years. It has been a fun ride, occasionally a blast, occasionally a difficult one, and that ride has not yet reached its conclusion; indeed, I will never stop being a Marlins fan, and I hope to continue to cover the Fish in some capacity for the rest of my life.

Unfortunately, FanSided’s new blog structure requires more time and posting commitments than I can reliably provide given my busy medical school schedule, so I will be stepping down from the new Editor position (previously the Lead Writer / Blogger position under the old structure). I will remain on board as Senior Staff Writer, contributing twice a week on a regular basis, but as of today I will not be the official leading voice on Marlin Maniac. I’d like to think that I left a lasting enough impression on this blog and on the Marlins blogosphere that my presence will still be felt here even in its diminished capacity. I will be assisting FanSided MLB’s head honchos John Parent and Wally Fish in the search for a new Editor to take over my role, and I would like that person to be able to speak to the statistical / sabermetrics side of baseball as I have been doing these last few years. Rest assured I will be providing that angle of analysis even if my successor does not, so that aspect of baseball will remain a part of Marlin Maniac.

Once again, I’ll still be here, and I encourage readers to continue to visit the site for regular coverage, even as we search for a new Editor. If you think that you could be that new Editor, I encourage you to apply here and tell us about your writing capabilities, and we will get in touch with you directly. I would welcome anyone who has a strong grasp on the team and its intricacies to join the Marlin Maniac crew, and I will be here to help ease the transition and give advice as to how to do the blogging thing that I’ve been doing for a little while now. My partners-in-crime Ehsan Kassim and James Etzbach will still be here contributing their weekly pieces as well, so none of that will change. But at some point, someone else will be the lead voice here at MM, and I am sure that the site will grow and prosper as a result.

To the many MM readers that have stuck with the site throughout these two years, I thank you. You guys have been part of the reason why I blog and will continue to blog. I’ll be blogging a little bit less, but MM will still be here to provide the best Marlins coverage on the internet.