What’s in a logo?


Apparently this logo has recently surfaced and word is spreading like wildfire and according to Palm Beach Post writer Joe Capozzi this could very well be the actual new Miami Marlins logo even though the Marlins front office has not confirmed or denied it as of yet.  Their “official” announcement and unveiling will occur on November 11, 2011, or because we are not cliche’ at all: 11-11-11.

I have all sorts of mixed feelings about this myself if this is in fact the new logo.  It does have a certain futuristic look to it, which is cool, but I’m not sure I’m a fan of how the colors are arranged.  The Super Mario Brothers-ish font of the, “M’ bothers me in ways similar to how I felt when I first found out about Midi-chlorians in Star Wars and the yellow/gold color looks out of place kinda like they gave my four year old son a box of Crayola’s and said, “pick one.”  I also think that there should be more color in the words, “Marlins.”

I DO like that it retains a hint of somewhat of a teal-ish color that we all know and love so much, but it looks unfinished.  If this is some sort of Marlins front office stunt to gauge people’s reactions to a prototype logo I say keep the teal, and re-arrange the color scheme a bit.

From what I have gathered so far from several of my fellow Marlins faithful on Twitter the response to this new logo has been less than stellar.  In fact the feeling I get from them puts this somewhere in the neighborhood of, “WHY GOD WHY?” and “WHERE’S THE NEAREST BRIDGE?”

What’s your take?  Do you have insider information that can either confirm or deny this is the real deal?  Let me know down below.

Go Marlins!!!!