So long, and thanks for all the Fish


Folks, you have not seen me around much recently since my decision to step down as Editor of Marlin Maniac due to my time constraints. I have been working behind the scenes a bit to help out in the transition to a new Editor, who will debut in that role beginning tomorrow on Marlin Maniac. I’d like for you all to give current Staff Writer Ehsan Kassim a warm welcome as the new Editor of Marlin Maniac. I’m happy to leave the blog in his capable hands, and alongside James C. Etzbach Jr, this site will remain successful. I wish the both of you the best of luck, and I will definitely be in touch with the Marlin Maniac writers in the near future.

What is going on with me? I will be stepping down from the blog in order to take over for SB Nation’s FishStripes blog. Of course, Marlin Maniac will always be my first home, and I would like to think of this blog as the place where I learned to be a decent writer and blogger, where I took my first toddler steps into the world of blogging. As the new lead at FishStripes, I will be bringing the same hard-hitting saber-slanted analysis that I did in my time here at Marlin Maniac, and my new writing staff and I will continue to strive to give you the best Marlins content available, regardless of where we will be. As for my future with MM, I have spoken with John Parent and Wally Fish, godfathers of FanSided’s excellent MLB blogging crew, and they have mentioned that I am welcome to come back if our blogging paths cross again, and I’d like to once again thank them for making my time here memorable. I will be regularly communicating with the crew of Marlin Maniac and would like to help grow this site from the outside as much as I tried to help it grow from the inside as the lead blogger here for two years.

I say so long to those of you reading on Marlin Maniac, but I insist that you guys continue reading the fine work these two gentlemen will be doing in my place. I also insist that you come with me and my new crew when we start tomorrow, November 1, at the new FishStripes at SB Nation. We promise to bring you big things that include collaboration with the best Marlins blogs in the business, including Marlin Maniac. In short, if you did not have FishStripes on your reading list, please add it, and please maintain your current reading list that includes Marlin Maniac. So long for now, and I hope to hear from you all tomorrow!