Are these the new Marlin uniforms?


Greeting fellow Marlins fans.  I hope all are well.  While snooping around the Internet this week I have discovered some juicy information.  (Update: my source asked not to be named).  Please allow me to present what could be your 2012 Miami Marlin uniforms:

Because we might want to pretend that we are the Miami Hurricanes:

Those hats are all kinds of wrong.  Are we a professional baseball team or a AAA club?  Do we REALLY want to emphasize the orange?  Honestly, this one better be thrown out the window.  I understand you need options but this one makes me want to pour bleach in my eyes.  DO NOT WANT!

Look at all the colors:

If I have to choose between these two I choose this one.  At least they have the traditional home white and road grey.  Though I think they got the lettering wrong because it should say “Marlins” across the front on the home jersey, you should know what city you are in if the team is at home, and the road grey should say “Miami” to represent your city in foreign lands.  I do like the all black hat and the throwback teal/blue with black bill like the original Marlin hats were back in the day before they went all black.

I guess we’ll all have to wait until next Friday to find out for sure but it should be interesting.

Also, I have confirmed that ShoreTel is the phone system of choice in the new Marlins ballpark.  What is very interesting is that ShoreTel is the same phone system that is currently installed at AT&T Park in San Francisco which fits nicely with the orange color scheme used by the Giants because it is the same color scheme used to represent ShoreTel in their corporate logo and coincidentally falls in line with the rumored orange that will be part of the color scheme the Marlins will be using next season.  Ahhh, the plot thickens, you will be seeing a lot of orange soon.  Look to see advertisements for ShoreTel on the backstop of Miami Marlins games next season.

Till next week my friends……

Go Marlins!!!!