Marlins Off-Season Update:Marlins, Reyes close to deal?; Pujols to visit with Fish


What’s that smell? Is something on fire? Yes, the hot stove in Miami is burning on fire. And it maybe getting even hotter soon.

Some great updates for you guys today regarding the soon to be named Miami Marlins.

  • Hanley Ramirez delieverd his stamp of approval for the Marlins adding Reyes to the 2012 team. He also did not rule out a position change in the future if the Marlins were to add Reyes.
  • Speaking of star players giving stamps of approval, the Marlins met with pitcher Mark Buehrle on Tuesday. Josh Johnson had this to say about the potential addition of Burhrle to the Marlins rotation: “It would be great for the team as a whole. He’s a leader in the clubhouse and would really help out the rotation.”  
  • Ramirez also quirked ““When is Pujols coming over?’’ to reporters after being pestered by Marlins beat writers about Reyes. We have your answer Hanley, Albert Pujols is set to meet the Marlins on either Friday or Saturday according to Ken Rosenthal. While Rosenthal was just confirming what was out there, fellow Marlins fan Danny Martinez was the first to the punch with this story.

In some sad baseball news, we learned earlier this week that Washington Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos was kidnapped in his native Venezuela. He was kidnapped while at his mothers house. The latest report has him alive. MarlinManiac will be hoping for the best in this situation.

With this news, Marlins starting pitcher Anibal Sanchez has decided to postpone his scheduled visit back to Venezuela in December.