Miami Marlins Popularity Increasing?


Hello Marlin Maniacs! In case you did not know, I am from and currently live in South Carolina. Living in Carolina, you have a choice to root for the Gamecocks, or the Tigers in Clemson. I have been a life long Gamecock and I am currently in Orlando for their bowl game. Coming up a week early, I have had the chance to explore some in Florida and check out a lot of malls/stores. Let me say I have been majorly surprised. Where I am from, when you walk into any sports store you automatically see Atlanta Brave or New York Yankee gear. Yesterday in the Orlando mall the Braves and Yankees were not filling up the aisles. Not the Rays, Dodgers, Red Sox, or Philles. It was the Miami Marlins!

I am not stupid, I know a major reason for this is because I am in the state of Florida. That is obvious and a reasonable statement. Still, Orlando is closer to Tampa than Miami and I hardly saw any Rays gear. Everywhere I went, Fish hats, jackets, shirts, and jerseys filled the stores. It was amazing to see. Once I finally got my chance to buy my first Miami Marlin “New Logo” hat, I started to talk to the cashier about sales. I was informed that the new gear is selling out each and every day and selling fast. Every store I have been to has said the same thing. Back in Carolina, Miami Marlin gear shipments sell out in the first twenty minutes and are almost impossible to get! I know not every store has began to sell Jose Reyes jerseys but Im sure they will sell fast too.

Whether you like the new look or not, you have to admit it’s gained popularity. A lot of people today enjoy wearing gear and hats that “stand out” in the crowd and our gear defiantly offers that. I am not saying I think its cool when random people who know nothing about baseball wears our gear, but it does send a message. With more hats and shirts being worn, the word spreads about the new franchise. Anytime a new team with new jerseys emerge, people want to form a bond with them. I for one believe the high selling products and merchandise will put more butt’s in the stadium and boost the team morale.

Marlin Fans, if you have not got a chance to get the new gear you should defiantly check them out. The black and orange hats are now out and look super cool and flashy. Hanley Ramirez, Mike Stanton, Jose Reyes, and Heath Bell jerseys should be selling rapidly and would be a great gift for yourself or loved one.