New Year, New Resolutions


Happy New Year everyone! 2012 is finally here and I am looking forward to a great year of baseball in Miami! When a new year arrives, old habits are broken, and new resolutions are born. My goal is to learn more and more about sports writing techniques and styles. While this is just a side time job for me, I actually want this for a future. This is a big year for me and my development as a writer and person. Hopefully you have made resolutions and plan to stick to them in-order to improve your life and career. Enough about me, on to the Marlins!

Looking back at 2011, there are plenty of memories to put in the past. The dreadful season of losses and injuries, the drama of Hanley Ramirez, and the disagreement from Logan Morrison and the front office are just a few memories of last year. It is very important that the fish put these dreadful experiences behind them and learn that the past is the past. The team cannot take back anything that happened but they can defiantly benefit from the experience. This is exactly what the Marlins new resoloution should be. “To Learn From Our Mistakes.”

If the Marlins want a successful 2012 season, it’s going to start in the front office. Yes, the guys that make this team a whole. As we all know, our front office has never been known as “buyers” but things have looked positive this off-season. In the past, signing Heath Bell would have been world shocking news to Marlin fans. In just one off-season, the front office has signed 3 all-star caliber players to come in right away and help this team. For once we are buyers and the shopping is not done. Roy Oswalt, Yoennis Cespedes, Matt Garza, and Joe Saunders have all been rumored to be drawing interest from the fish. The front office has made it clear that they are here to spend, and this is a much needed quality for our franchise.

Team chemistry is another important quality needed this year in order to win. Chemistry goes a long way in the long baseball season. Responsible for keeping players in an up-beat mood, chemisty literally effects a players performance on the field. If you hated your teammates, you would not be motivated to give your very best effort. Its a psychological factor that makes since if you think about it. Hanley Ramirez needs to take on this resoloution in-order to help out this team. With the Jose Reyes deal, Ramirez will be forced to move to third base. As we all know, he has expressed concern and this will not be beneficial for our chemistry. Getting the new team together and close to each other is important and will be needed for a positive outcome this year.

When making new year’s resolutions, it is important not to over-load yourself with change. This applies to the Marlins as well. Clearly we have talent, so you can check that box. It is the little things the club needs to focus on, and it’s a team effort. Putting all your eggs in one basket is risky so be patient. The Marlins do not have a championship team yet, and that is understandable. However, we do have pieces to build on to make this a championship team. When this team gets together and develops, the chemistry will rise as will the potential. Not being a biased fan, but if things fall together, look for special things in Miami soon.