The Reason of the Marlins lack of interest in Edwin Jackson and extending Anibal Sanchez?


The Miami Marlins went all in on C.J. Wilson earlier this off-season. Since then, we have heard that the Marlins interest in starting pitching that requires a big contract. They were in play for Gio Gonzalez, who got traded to the Washington Nationals, but he had a team friendly contract. The team also showed “serious” interest in Matt Garza, but he had a fairly reasonable contract as well.

The question has been raised multiple times this off-season, why are the Marlins not in on Edwin Jackson. Well, rumors have it that he is seeking a 5-year $60 million deal. That should not be too much for a team that was willing to dish out 6-years and $100 million for C.J. Wilson right?

What about Anibal Sanchez? Why have the Marlins not approached him about an extension yet? Do the Marlins plan on keeping him long term? Is there something else in the works?I cannot tell you guys the answer to what the Marlins are thinking. If I knew, heck, I would probably get a job in the front office. It seems interesting to me that the Marlins have not shown interest in the best free agent pitcher available, especially when they have a need for pitching.

Then I took a look at MLBTradeRumors 2013 Free Agents page and it hit me. Maybe the Marlins are planning another big winter in 2013. Maybe this time for some pitching. Here is a look at some potential free agents in 2013.

Those are interesting bunch of free agents. If the Marlins are planning on going really big, the names Cole Hamels, Matt Cain, and Zack Grienke pop off of the screen. Adding any of those three to a duo of Josh Johnson and Mark Buehrle. Add in the fact that all those pitchers would be either entering their age 30 season or younger, this makes a whole lot of sense for the Marlins.

Just some food for thought for you guys. I will examine all these names and their possible fit with the Marlins on a later date. However, if this off-season was any kind of indication of the Marlins plans going forward, Marlins fans, be excited!