Is Cespedes hurting himself?


More than likely the Miami Marlins are done with free agents this off-season. With the addition of Carlos Zambrano, the pitching rotation looks to be set. The organization has confidence in the bullpen, and the infield looks to be solidified. While Prince Fielder is still available, it is very unlikely the Marlins will make a push. With that being said, it was still a successful and exciting off-season. But wait, there is still one more option.

Yoennis Cespedes.

Cespedes, the 26 year old Cuban defector has all the tools to be a player in the league. He possesses a smooth yet powerful swing, while displaying above-average speed and defense. For anyone not familiar with him, go to youtube and search this guy. You will see some mind-blowing clips. With the talent level there, the asking price is expected to be high. Cespedes range has been rumored to be as high as 60 million, yet the Marlins are not walking away. It is believed that the fish are the front-runners for his signature and will do everything possible to ink the center fielder. Actually, president David Sampson said the marlins pursuit will be “aggressive right to the point of stupidity, but not quite there.” Obviously the Marlins are very serious in their pursuit.

With all the hype, Cespedes might be actually hurting himself in the long-run. Yoennis agreed to play with the Aguilas Cibaenas in the Dominican League play-offs. Cespedes started in the DH role and hit 5th in the line-up. Sadly for him, he went 0-3 with 3 strikeouts. Cespedes looked dazed and confused on the breaking balls that were thrown his way. So this brings up the question, Why even play? Cespedes knows that teams will watch his performance and make judgments regarding his plate appearances. If you do decide the take the risk and play, at least do well.

Will the bad performance affect his stock? Probably not, but it is still something to keep an eye on. Cespedes will face breaking balls much better than what he saw on an everyday basis. This could be a red flag and a serious developmental issue. Whoever inks the man, an immediate contribution should not be expected. Cespedes will face a major learning curve trying to get adjusted to the game style in the majors. While I do believe he will eventually adjust, it will be an interesting thing to keep an eye on.