If the Miami Marlins are “aggressive to the point of stupidity,” have the Chicago Cubs crossed the line?


It seems that the Miami Marlins have been mentioned as the favorites to land Yoennis Cespedes this entire off season. Most rival executives have seen the Marlins are the leaders in the clubhouse to land the Cuban defect.

While speaking on 790 The Ticket last week, Marlins president David Samson said that his club is prepared to be “aggressive right to the point of stupidity” when it comes to signing Cespedes. Sampson also called Cespedes a “perfect fit” and that a signing “makes perfect sense.”

Now however, it is being reported that the Chicago Cubs have stepped up their efforts and are seen as the early favorites. A report came out earlier this week, in which Cespedes was quoted as saying “of all the teams who have come, the Chicago Cubs have been most interested”.

Well, if the Marlins were prepared to be “aggressive right to the point of stupidity,”  Sampson added that  he feels as if the Marlins are “right in there” when it comes to Cespedes.  Though he noted Miami will avoid getting “irrational.”

Now my question is, if the Miami Marlins are going to be “aggressive right to the point of stupidity,” where does this place the Chicago Cubs? I highly doubt that a great GM such as Theo Epstein would cross that line.

These Cespedes rumors are very interesting. He has yet to become a free agent yet, but there are so many rumors about him everyday.

Also noteworthy, Cespedes hit his first home run of winter ball last night. Here is a video to watch that homer.

Man, this kid has a beautiful swing! I know he will receive a lot of criticism, but I loved the stare down.

Juan Rodriguez also has a Spanish video of Ozzie Guillen comparing Cespedes to Raul Mondesi. That is quite a player to be compared to.