NL East Preview 2012: First Baseman


We will continue today with the NL East Preview of the 2012 first baseman. First base is not a set position in the NL East as of yet. The Washington Nationals are still on hot pursuit of Prince Fielder. Since they are the favorites to land Fielder, I will include him as their first baseman. If Fielder signs elsewhere, I will have an update this post to show the changes. Also, Philadelphia Phillies first baseman, Ryan Howard, is expected to miss opening day, but since he clearly is the best first baseman the Phillies have, and will have a job upon arrival, he is included as well.

Update: Prince Fielder has signed with the Detroit Tigers. Here is the updated rankings.

Here is a glimpse of the starting first baseman for each NL East team in 2012.

Freddie Freeman

Bill James592.286.350.459.3501.620
Roto Champ622.280.352.461.3541.923

Gaby Sanchez

Bill James624.276.360.452.3532.820
Roto Champ629.272.358.440.3512.519

Ike Davis

Bill James593.288.377.504.3164.525
Roto Champ568.263.357.365.4673.222

Ryan Howard

Bill James675.266.360.525.3723.140
Roto Champ331.255.347.490.3580.917

Adam LaRoche

Bill James293.255.333.445.3410.911
Roto Champ455.244.327.415.3281.515

According to these projections, we can draw this:

  1. Ike Davis
  2. Gaby Sanchez
  3. Freedie Freeman
  4. Ryan Howard
  5. Adam LaRoche

The projections love Ike Davis and the new dimensions at Citi Field should work in his favor. Gaby Sanchez is the starting first baseman for your Marlins. His standing in the NL East is the same as it would be in the MLB. He is a middle of the pact guy. He is not going to be a superstar ever, but is a very solid everyday player. I expected Freeman to be ahead of Sanchez, but the projections did not see the same thing. Ryan Howard is probably the second best first baseman in the NL East when he is 100% healthy. The Nationals lost out big time. Adam LaRoche is nowhere near the level of Fielder. They went from potentially having the best to the worst first baseman.