NL East Preview: Right Fielder


Right field maybe the position with the most young talent in the NL East. It features a current all-star, and future home run king, and two other absolute studs. These right fielders are also among the best defensive players in right field in all of baseball. The average age for these right fielders is 23.4.

Here is a glimpse of the starting right fielders for each NL East team in 2012.

Jason Heyward

Bill James626.269.374.457.3623.921
Roto Champ592.253.363.434.3513.120

Mike Stanton

Bill James605.273.366.568.3944.939
Roto Champ605.257.355.549.3854.738

Lucas Duda

Bill James370.279.364.488.3651.114
Roto Champ537.282.365.478.3661.517

Hunter Pence

Bill James666.292.349.486.3623.825
Roto Champ648.292.349.472.3563.522

Bryce Harper

Roto Champ259.263.317.496.3500.911

According to these projections, we can draw this:

  1. Mike Stanton
  2. Hunter Pence
  3. Jason Heyward
  4. Lucas Duda
  5. Bryce Harper

Looking at those projections for the right fielders, I feel pretty good about saying earlier that they are near the elite right fielders in all of baseball. Mike Stanton has become the best Marlins hitter at just the age of 22. He hit 34 home runs last season. Anything less then 40 would shock me. I expect Stanton to once again lead the Marlins in hitting. It would not surprise me if Stanton were to make a serious run at the MVP award this season. Next us is Hunter Pence. The Phillies acquired Pence at the trade deadline last year. Pence is likely to be the Phillies best overall player next season. There is a lot to like about him. He hits for average, power, and has great speed. It will be exciting and scary to watch him be in a Phillies uniform for a full season in 2012. Jason Heyward had a horrible 2011 season that was ravished with inconsistencies and injuries. While some people have hopped off the Heyward bandwagon, I still like this kids potential. He is still one of the better overall hitters in baseball. I expect him to bounce back big in 2012 and prove his critics wrong. Lucas Duda is expected to be the starting right fielder for the Mets. He is another young right fielder I enjoy watching play. He always goes all out and has a decent bat. Duda did have concussion issues last season, hopefully he can put that behind him and have an excellent season, on a Mets team that is going nowhere. Lastly, we have Bryce Harper. When it is all said and done, Harper is likely to be a better player in his career then the other right fielders on this list. The guy is a monster with the bat. It is only a matter of time until he takes over right field in Washington for good. NL East pitchers will be tormented for years to come.