Poll Question: Are the Miami Marlins putting too much stock in Josh Johnson?


I asked you guys a couple of weeks ago whether you thought the Miami Marlins should take a conservative approach with Josh Johnson or if they should “unleash” him and let him go pitch 200+ innings. Here is a glimpse of what that poll looks like so far:

Please continue to vote on that poll. Michael Jong, over at FishStripes, took a look at this question as well. This is what he said:

"I think the best move for the Marlins is to let loose the reigns and allow Johnson to pitch to his full effectiveness. There should be no need to coddle his arm for a future that may not come with the team."

Michael makes a great point there. Johnson has two seasons left on his contract, beyond that, he is not a worry for the Marlins at all. I will post what I feel about that situation next week.

Today, I wanted to ask you a follow up question on this same idea: Are the Marlins putting too much stock in Johnson’s right arm? He has proven to be an injury prone player over his career thus far. Are the Marlins doing the right thing by investing their playoff chances on an arm that only pitched 60 innings last season and has been shutdown prior to the end of the season in back-to-back seasons?