Miami Marlins Season Preview: What to expect on MarlinManiac


We are just 9 days away from the Miami Marlins opening their Spring Training games. I know I am not the only one extremely excited to see the Marlins take the field for the first time ever. Here is a glimpse of the Marlins Spring Training schedule.

Today I would like to give you a preview of what is coming in the next few weeks at MarlinManiac. Here is some of the items that will be coming at you guys to preview the Miami Marlins 2012 season:

  • I will be doing analysis and projections for every starting player for the Marlins. After all that is completed, I will tally up the win total and see where my projections place the Marlins.
  • We will complete the 97 v. 03 world series by taking a look at the pitchers that should make the team. I believe this will be more interesting then the hitters.
  • Each writer will make projections on the Marlins record and standings, as well as MVP, CY Young, etc. for the Marlins and the league.
  • A look at the Marlins roster, including bench roles and relief pitching
  • Lots of Ozzie Guillen blooper moments.
  • Any breaking Marlins Spring Training news.
  • My favorite segment maybe this one. If you are doing fantasy baseball and want to know how your team fared, just email me your roster at, and I will post it on MM and give the readers a chance to grade the teams. This will be done every Friday, with 5 teams going up a week.

All that content should lead us into the 2012 regular season opening day. If you are wondering on what to expect for content on here during the regular season, I have a preview on what you should be expecting.

  • Every series will have a preview and a review. I will go over every small detail, including analysis of what the Marlin did right and what they need to improve on.
  • This season, MM wants to be more interactive with fans. If you attend a Marlins game and take an interesting photo you want to share with the world, send the picture to me. I will post the best pictures every Saturday along with your name to get you some photographing credit.
  • Once a week I will be hosting a live Marlins game chat. Join me and chat about the Marlins as we watch the game!
  • If you have any Marlins-related questions that you want me or any of the MarlinManiac staff to answer, shoot them to us and we will try to answer them once a week.

That is all we have planned for now. I have a few other ideas for projects that we may include.

The player projections are likely to begin on Monday. We will start off with starting backstop for the Miami Marlins, John Buck, and his backup, Brett Hayes.