Miami Marlins Targeting 2015 All-Star Game


Baseball season is finally here! Well, technically. Basketball is still in full gear, but college baseball is underway officially along with spring training! While most eyes in Miami are on this year’s new team and their expectations, don’t think there isn’t an eye on the future. According to a number of sources, the Miami Marlins have made the 2015 All-Star game a “top priority” and will be focused on landing the gig to host the games.

"“We’re still planning for 2015,” said Marlins president David Samson “We’re going to work with the Commissioner and apply.”Feb 2, 2012; Jupiter, FL, USA; A general view of a Miami Marlins welcome sign at the entrance to Roger Dean Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE"

With a brand new stadium located in an appealing area of attractions, it defiantly makes perfect since to bring the All-Star Game to Miami. Not only are the Marlins one of the few teams that still hasn’t hosted the games, but they also lack a bit of national exposure. Bringing the events and games to Miami would not only give us more national attention, but it would give baseball fan’s a chance to check out the new stadium and find out what Marlins baseball is really about. Plus with a brand new stadium located in a very popular US city, it may be hard for the MLB to turn down the opportunity. With a retractable roof, a number of entertainment zones, and exotic fish and celebration pieces built inside the stadium, the game will also offer more of a  “behind the scene” look at the new ball park.

"“We’re fully prepared and excited to host it,” Samson said."

If the deal gets finalized, this would be big news for the Marlins. Coming into a year with a new name, uniforms, stadium, and player pieces, this will add on to the excitement. Not only would we get to look forward to potential championships, but also hosting the Midsummer Classic!