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Miami Marlins President David Sampson Shoves Umbrella Up Keister of Miami, then Proceeds to Open It


They say that short men have inferiority complexes. Miami Marlins president David Sampson added to that stereotype when he spoke to a group of Miami’s wealthiest on Tuesday.  Sampson tried his hand at comedy hour (poorly) at the expense of Miami taxpayers, politicians, and new shortstop, Jose Reyes.  Well, let’s just let Mr. Sampson speak for himself, shall we?

According to Miami Today:

"“I don’t have to hold back now that the stadium is built — not that I ever have,” Mr. Samson said while addressing a group of about 75 people who came to hear him speak at a Beacon Council breakfast meeting.He called politicians “not the intellectual cream of the crop,” adding in regards to the entire population, “We’re not the smartest people in Miami. If you’re in this room, you’re instantly in the top 1%.” ~ David Sampson"

While I myself have no love for politicians, I actually have to agree with Sampson to a certain degree as far as the Marlins new stadium is concerned.   He and Loria got away with the baseball equivalent to murder. However, the first rule of getting away with anything is that YOU DON’T TALK ABOUT GETTING AWAY WITH IT!!!!  And using the 1% crack irks me because he sticks his head so far up the collective rear ends of his audience he does not even realize how cliche’ using 1% to refer to any group of people has become.

In regards to the Marlins possibly moving to Las Vegas (before getting the new stadium deal in Miami):

"“If the Marlins were to move to Las Vegas”, Mr. Samson said, “The casinos should buy out game tickets in advance so nobody would be drawn away from the casinos.”"

WOW what balls Sampson has.

Commenting about dealing with star player Jose Reyes this off season:

"“He said ‘I really want to play in Miami as long as you pay me $1 more than anyone else… I really want to make the most money I can,'” Mr. Samson recalled."

Somehow I think this was an exaggeration and whether it was on Sampson’s part or on the part of author Scott Blake is anyone’s guess.  I just don’t see Reyes being that extreme.

Till next week folks.

Go Marlins!!!!