Miami Marlins: Out of the Box Predictions


What do you get when you take Ozzie Guillen, Carlos Zambrano, Hanley Ramirez, and Logan Morrison and mix them together? Jersey Shore! Probably not that funny, but with a mix of different personalities the Miami Marlins are destined to face some “drama” this year. While the players have admitted that no issue’s will evolve, and I believe what they say, it’s still fun to look at some issues that could come up. Today, I will take a humorous perspective while also being as serious as I can.

How many “F-Bomb’s” will Ozzie drop this year?

Last Years Count: Too Many      Prediction This Year: Too Many

As we all know, Ozzie Guillen is not afraid to say what’s on his mind. During that difficult translating process, you are most likely to hear the “the king of all curse words” the f-bomb dropped numerous times. On almost any given night of a loss, or even a win on some occasions, if something/someone displeases Ozzie, expect the worst. Still, it will be quite funny hearing the short tempered Guillen go on rants every now and then. Not only is his terrible English funny to read, it’s better to listen too. His mouth will also land the Marlins more publicity. Keep cursing Ozzie!

How many water-coolers will be abused by Carlos Zambrano?

Last Years Count: 3    Prediction This Year: 2

Okay, we have all heard it. Once again, Carlos Zambrano is a changed man and will be no problem in the club-house. If Big Z lasts 10 starts without abusing a water cooler, I will officially buy into the fact the Mayans are right and the world is coming to an end. I mean Ozzie straight up said that Zambrano can smash as many water coolers he needs to as long as he wins. Let’s face it, no one is perfect. Big Z will have some rocky moments and will lose his temper due to his performance. Being on a contending team (I hope) will also be stronger on the nerves, so to expect the big man to keep his cool all year would be stupid. I expect the Marlins to be in a lot of close games this year, and to succeed in most. However, when a ugly or heart-breaking loss is present and Big Z is responsible, expect some coolers to be bashed and bats to be thrown. Hell, I agree with Ozzie. As long as he wins, keep smashing Carlos!

How many times will Hanley Ramirez loaf around during a game?

Last Years Count: 2, probably more   Prediction This Year: 0

If there is something to worry about concerning Ramirez, it is his effort. Actually, many higher officials believe this is the only thing holding him back from being an unstoppable star. Clearly Ramirez has amazing talent, however his effort level has effected his performance on a number of occasions. One incident actually caught national headlines when Hanley loafed to a ball in the outfield showing zero effort and no hustle. This caught the attention of many top baseball officials and a lot of respect was lost for Hanley Ramirez. Since then, Hanley has put in hard work and has claimed that he is ready to be a “leader” on the field. With a better lineup, an upgraded pitching rotation, and a new team, Ramirez should be excited and embrace the opportunity. I expect zero problems from Hanley this year.

Will Logan Morrison continue to mature?

Prediction This Year: I really do not know

If your technology smart with the Internet, you know who Logan Morrison is. Morrison, who is close to 100,000 followers on his twitter page, is active with his web life. So active that it has gotten him in trouble in the past. Many conflicting tweets arose last year from Morrison that caught a major buzz around the front office and league. Morrison’s attitude and behavior was also enough for him to get a demotion to AAA which also stirred up a riot around the league. Logan Morrison, just 24, has the talent to be a future All-Star. He displays a nice swing with decent power and good plate vision. However, maturity is also very important in the league and has cost a number of players their career. Will Logan Morrison learn to control his off the field “open personality” and keep his mind focused on baseball? I hope so but in reality I just don’t know. This off-season, Morrison has tweeted inappropriate tweets to be a professional that people look up to. He has also tweeted a picture of him and Bryan Petersen in a bathtub naked together. Come on man. I’m all for having a little fun, but take it serious every now and then. This is a big year for Morrison, we all know what he is capable of, he just needs to show it.

Was 2011 a fluke for Emilio Bonifacio’s homerun number?

Last Years Count- 4      Prediction This Year- 1

Emilio Bonifacio, yes I repeat Emilio Bonifacio, hit 5 home runs last year. OVER THE FENCE HOME RUNS. Actually, I was in person to witness one of them in against the Cincinnati Reds. Bonifacio, who struggles to get the ball to the warning track in BP, is not known for his power. And yes, 5 home runs is nothing compared to the average hitter, but for Bonifacio it’s golden. Was this simply a fluke, or is Boni starting to connect a little better? I think it’s a fluke and there is nothing to be excited about. When he’s on, Boni is a dangerous threat at the plate and on the base paths. Actually we do not need home runs out of Emilio, we need him on base. Expect this year to be a turnaround in his home run numbers. I’ll give him 1 due to the fact he has already hit one in Spring Training. Prove me wrong Emilio.

Will Giancarlo Stanton strike out over 150 times this year?

Last Years Count: 166   Prediction This Year: 125

Giancarlo Stanton made headlines this off-season when he stated he wanted to go by his real name, instead of “Mike”. While it will be hard getting used to, I will call the guy whatever he want’s to be called as long as he continues to hit bombs. However, like most young phenoms, there are still improvements that need to be made before you can call him a “star”. Stanton has his share, but the big problem are his strikeout numbers. Stanton is no stranger when it comes to striking out. On his “off” days, Stanton is capable of striking out 4 times in 9 innings not coming close to the ball. As with a majority of power hitters, vision and connection are the 2 main qualities Stanton needs to improve on. As time goes by, I believe Stanton will gradually improve because that’s just the type of player he is. (A hard worker, and always striving to get better). Don’t think by any means he will drastically lower his number, because that is far fetched. He will still strike out a healthy amount while sparking us with unbelievable power and admirable game play.

Here are just 5 issues that that we will most likely hear throughout this season that may go unnoticed. I would really like to hear feedback on these topics and your personal opinion. In my next piece, I will chose 5 more “off the wall” issues that could benefit/harm the fish this season.