Miami Marlins Giancarlo Stanton leaves game vs New York Mets after being hit by pitch


Concern is high today for Miami Marlins fans. Giancarlo Stanton had to leave today’s game in the top of the third innning after being hit on the left wrist by a pitch.

It turns out that the rain knocking Johan Santana out of the game early in the third was bad news for the Marlins. Chris Schwinden relieved Santana and hit Stanton on his wrist with the bases loaded.

The Marlins are calling the injury a wrist contusion.

Stanton walked toward first base and was met by assistant trainer Mike Kozak and manager Ozzie Guillen. A decision was made and Stanton was removed almost immediately. He was not moving his hand at all as he walked off.

Stanton was being taken to a local hospital to have X-Rays on his hand. The Marlins said he was able to put on his own clothes, so the belief he broke his hand is down played.

Marlins and their fans will all be hoping for the best possible news for the next few hours. The Marlins would lose a big bat in their lineup if Stanton is out for an extended time.

Stay tuned to Marlin Maniac for all updates on Stanton’s status.