1997 v. 2003: Staff Ace Results


Last week I asked you guys, who was the better Marlins World Series ace, Kevin Brown or Josh Beckett. We will look at the results in a second, but here is a look again at the team with the position players, here is a look at the Marlins All-World Series Team:

Here is then how the optimized starting lineup would look:

  1. Luis Castillo
  2. Derrick Lee
  3. Ivan Rodriguez
  4. Mike Lowell
  5. Gary Sheffield
  6. Juan Pierre
  7. Miguel Cabrera
  8. Edgar Renteria
  9. Pitcher/Jeff Conine

The results for who was the better Marlins World Series ace are in, and the winner is:

Josh Beckett!

Here is a quick glance at the results:

I am completely in agreement with you guys. Beckett had a superior season when you combine the post-season and the regular season, which are both very important in winning a world series. Kevin Brown was no slouch himself either. He will be the Marlins number 2 starter on the All-World Series team.

Next time, we will figure out the rest of the Marlins all-world series pitching staff.