Miami Marlins: Memo to Fans, stop being so damn sentimental!


You will not get too many of these types of posts from me, but today I just feel like I need to get this out there. The Miami Marlins are starting a new chapter in their history. That does not mean that old history has to be forgotten, but some of it needs to stay in the past.

A piece of Marlins history that I wish Marlins fans would stop begging for is Dontrelle Willis.

Dontrelle Willis was released by the Philadelphia Phillies just yesterday and there were already Marlins fans clamoring for the D-Train to make a return to Miami.

Look, I love Willis as much as the next Marlins fan, but there is a reason that Willis was not able to make the Phillies and a reason that the Cincinnati Reds decided to part ways with the once brilliant left handed pitcher. A look at Willis’ stats since his second place finish in CY Young Voting paints a clear picture.

Since 20051056.095.6111.3%14.9%15.5%0.7

A quick glance shows that Willis has lost his effectiveness he had in his first three Major League seasons and it is very unlikely that he will likely ever get it back.

Right now, the Marlins have no need for Willis on their roster. Wade LeBlanc projects to make the team as a long reliever. The team then has Alex Sanabia and other pitching options in case of an injury to any of their starters. Willis would be pretty low on the pecking order in Miami, likely making a Marlins reunion a bitter one.

Keep Dontrelle around in your memories, but there is no need or room for him on the Marlins. It is a sad situation that had fallen on Willis, but it is a harsh reality. The Marlins have moved on, Willis has moved on, and now it is time for the Marlins fans to let go and move on as well.

We will always love you, Dontrelle Willis.