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Miami Marlins: Get Ready For a SHOW


Man, this could not work out any better. As most of you know, “The Franchise” will be filming the Miami Marlins as the main subject for their reality TV show debuting this summer. This will be the second season of the show, the first filmed the 2010 World Series Champions, the San Francisco Giants. For a reality television show to go well, a team with change and a chance of drama fits the perfect role. Enter, The Miami Marlins. Just 5 games into the regular season, “The Franchise” already has some great story lines to cover. Today I will look at a few incidents/moments that will likely be shown to the nation.


Ozzie Guillen’s comments/suspension 

The only way you could have missed this incident in America would be the slim chance that you live under a rock. In an interview with Time Magazine, Ozzie Guillen made some very surprising comments on Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro. “I love Fidel Castro”, was enough for many as angry Cubans living in the Miami area began protesting outside Marlins Stadium demanding justice to Ozzie. Hit with pressure from the national media, the Marlin’s front office issued a 5 game suspension to Ozzie Guillen. Guillen apologized to the public later, claiming his comments were misunderstood in an emotional press conference for the Marlins skipper. If you think this will be left out of a drama filled reality show, you are crazy.

Hanley Ramirez and his position change

Whats a reality show without a little conflict? While there was no conflict through the eyes of Hanley, the media sure did their job in making sure the issue was controversial. All throughout Spring, the question that came up to many was “How will Hanley react due to the signing of Jose Reyes”? And to be honest, I actually saw reports saying H2R was displeased about the move and demanded a trade. While these reports were later shot down, you can bet the Hanley dilemma will be apart of the show. Thankfully, Hanley has embraced his move to third and looks to be performing fine.

Logan Morrison

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Logan Morrison had a major role in “The Franchise” opting to film in Miami. Logan Morrison, as we all know, is a full time jokster, a massive tweeter, and also films his own little sitcom. He posts ridiculously funny pictures, picks on other people’s flaws, and now has his own signature move “Lomoing” which is quite similar to “Tebowing” performed by Tim Tebow. Morrison also finds time to play a little baseball throughout his lifestyle of comedy. If your looking for a star character in ANY reality show, Mr. Morrison is your man. Focus on baseball though Lomo.

Feb 27 2012, Jupiter, FL, USA: Miami Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison (5) during photo day at Roger Dean Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Photo by Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE.

The New Stadium

Or should I say, The New Team. A MAJOR reason the show chose Miami was due to the massive changes in the organization. With new uniforms, new players, and a new fiery coach, the choice to pick the Marlins would be an easy one.  Another factor is the billion dollar stadium the Marlins can finally call home. Claiming Sun Life Stadium would be like claiming a baby is yours on the show Maury to a women who is 10 kids deep when it’s not really yours. Yeah, that is how bad Sun Life was. Screw it now, we have a sick new stadium to call ours for once, lets show it off!

This is just 4 of the many topics “The Franchise” is likely to choose. Folks we are just 6 games in. There is no telling what kind of drama/excitement might emerge with Ozzie, Big Z, Lomo, and the new Marlins throughout this season. I am very excited to see this show and how well they display our franchise and personality of our players. Stay tuned.